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VS751: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban Leathers sunglasses feature the rare rope leather pattern - much rarer than the traditional stiched pattern - and Bausch & Lomb Changeables photochromatic lenses. The dark brown leather used in these Leathers is thicker and deeply grooved to look more pronounced on the frame, and it's a perfect color and texture complement to the black 62mm aviator frame that sits within. Tell Me More

VS752: Vintage Giorgio Armani 942 052 orange and black tortoise shell sunglasses are one of the most distinctive designs ever produced by the House of Armani c late 1980s / early 1990s. Armani 942 sunglasses are instantly noticeable by the thick tortoise ear stems and front frame, a style characteristic you'll find in many of the Armani 900 series frame styles. Tell Me More

VS753: Vintage Giorgio Armani 666 1066 sunglasses are one of the most distinctive designs ever produced by Giorgio Armani - of any brand of fine Italian sunglasses. The blue eye cups are what stand out in Armani 666 sunglasses, and the color really looks great with the green Armani mineral glass lenses and black ear stems. Tell Me More

VS754: Vintage Vuarnet 002 Skilynx sunglasses feature the rare white French nylon frame in the iconic Vuarnet 002 style coupled with top of the line PX-4000 Skilynx double gradient mirror lenses. Vuarnet Skilynx lenses employ a blue anti-reflective interior coating along with its double gradient mirror silver exterior filters. This legendary Vuarnet lens eliminates glare and reflection, enhances contrast and depth of field, and many consider this to be the essential lens for in the mountains and at sea. Tell Me More

VS755: Vintage Oakley E-Wire 2nd generation sunglasses feature the top of the line brushed gold plated metal frame and highly reflective Oakley Gold Iridium lenses. This is one of the best looks you'll find in Oakley sunglasses, with the Oakley stylized logo impressed on the front of the nose bridge and the Oakley O impressed near the hinges of each ear stem. An extended rubber ear pad covers 2/3 of each ear stem including the angled portion. Tell Me More

VS756: Vintage Ray-Ban W1269 Wayfarer Max sunglasses are an icon of modern design, the smaller of the 2 Wayfarer Max sizes featuring the classic black ebony and gold plated frame along with Bausch & Lomb G-15 mineral glass lenses. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Max sunglasses have the shape of traditional Wayfarers combine contrasting top accent color and ear stems with a gold plated lower front frame that adds plenty of extra design flair yet retains the angular Wayfarer shape. Tell Me More

VS757: Vintage Giorgio Armani 633 840 yellow tortoise shell Italian sunglasses have the unique elegance for which vintage Giorgio Armani sunglasses have long been associated. One of our very favorite vintage Giorgio Armani sunglasses styles, Armani 633 sunglasses with unique and distinctive Armani yellow tortoise ear stems and silver frame with etched black hinges really make a fashion statement. Tell Me More

VS758: Vintage Revo 3041 081 Y1 sunglasses feature a gleaming copper frame, a great smaller size, and outstanding Revo H20 photochromatic lenses. These lenses will darken and lighten in association with varying light conditions, and they're particularly good for people who go in and out of buildings a lot and don't like to take off their sunglasses all the time. Tell Me More

VS759: Vintage Vuarnet Skilynx 003 sunglasses feature Vuarnet Skilynx double gradient mirror lenses in a great slate blue aviator style frame. Vuarnet Skilynx lenses are made from a special base, ground and polished on both sides to eliminate distortion, and they provide 100% protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation and enhance depth of field perception. Tell Me More

VS760: Vintage Ray-Ban W1735 Sport Series 1 sunglasses feature rare and amazing Bausch & Lomb Ace A-30 purple Chromax lenses, one of the finest lenses in one of the finest sports sunglasses frames ever made. Ray-Ban Sport Series 1 sunglasses have a sleek, modern look with a subtle wrap design to contour more closely to your face for added side protection. It's a style that originated in early vintage B&L Ray-Ban Sport Series sunglasses and later picked up on by Oakley and others. Tell Me More

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