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VS3091: Vintage Vuarnet Skilynx 084 sunglasses feature a durable brown nylon frame, removable center V trademark insert, and top of the line Vuarnet Skilynx PX-4000 lenses. The center insert in the Vuarnet 084 comes out by pushing it from behind, letting you enjoy wearing them with an open nose bridge as well should you so desire. The nylon frame won't stick to your skin even in the most extreme cold conditions, and Vuarnet Skilynx double gradient mirror lenses provide 100% UV protection. Tell Me More

VS3092: Vintage Vuarnet 401 sunglasses feature the low production dark tortoise shell frame with significant black highlights that forms the perfect complement to the legendary Vuarnet Skilynx PX-4000 mineral glass lenses lenses. Note the intricate etching that decorates the gold plated nose bridge of the Vuarnet 401 to round out the look. Vuarnet Skilynx lenses are an amber-yellow base mineral glass lens with anti-reflective interior coatings and double gradient mirror silver exterior filters. Tell Me More

VS3093: Vintage Ray-Ban W0894 Wayfarer II Limited sunglasses are the original style everyone wants, and here's the very low production Blond Frost variant that we think is among the most beautiful Wayfarers ever produced. The rare blond frost frame is reminiscent of a tan marble, and this rare limited edition frame looks great with the Bausch & Lomb B-15 high contrast lenses. You'll find the Ray-Ban logo in raised metal relief on each ear stem, one of the first Wayfarers to incorporate this design. Tell Me More

VS3094: Vintage Vuarnet 006 sunglasses feature a shape that's reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, and in addition to the distinctive styling of the durable black nylon frame you also get high performance Vuarnet PX-2000 lenses in this low production variation of the 006. The Vuarnet PX 2000 lens is a brown base lens with anti-reflective interior coating to provide excellent color perception with subtle enhancement of color and contrast. Tell Me More

VS3095: Vintage Vuarnet 003D sunglasses are the very hard to find slightly smaller version of Vuarnet 003 sunglasses, with not too many produced but a style and size highly sought after by those with smaller faces who still want to enjoy the unparalleled optical properties of Vuarnet lenses from this period of the 1980s and 1990s. You'll love the lovely slate blue color of these Vuarnet sunglasses, a perfect color complement for the high performance PX-6000 Unilynx lenses. Tell Me More

VS3096: Vintage Vuarnet 2467 sunglasses feature the distinctive shape that's been enduringly popular in vintage Vuarnet sunglasses over the years, a low production mottled blue nylon frame that looks great with the Vuarnet PX-2000 lenses. Vuarnet PX 2000 lenses are a brown base mineral glass lens with an anti-reflective interior coating, featuring subtle enhancement of color and contrast and ideal for everyday use and driving. Tell Me More

VS3097: Vintage Vuarnet 052 sunglasses are one of the only purely round styles ever produced by Vuarnet, and we think you'll agree the gold plated Vuarnet 052 with high performance PX-5000 lenses are right at the top. The Vuarnet PX-5000 lens is a special purpose brown-based lens designed for use at high elevations and for light sensitive eyes, mountain climbers, pilots, etc. that features superb contrast enhancing and eliminates glare. Tell Me More

VS3098: Vintage Vuarnet 087 sunglasses were produced in only very small quantities, a more angular Wayfarer inspired style of Vuarnets produced in the 1980s with the open cut center V along the lines of the much more common Vuarnet 085. Vuarnet 087 sunglasses have a sleek, moderately oversized style which look unique relative to most any other pair of sunglasses on the market, and the durable and sleek white nylon frame looks great with the Vuarnet PX-5000 mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS3099: Vintage Versace X21 029 sunglasses are a design explosion of intricate detailing and unparalleled Italian quality, with gleaming silver chrome frame with raised Medusa head logo and eye catching chrome mesh ear stems. The chrome mesh stems are very difficult to manufacture and thus were only produced in very small quantities, and they make the Versace X21 as interesting to look at from the sides as they are from the front. Tell Me More

VS3100: Vintage Revo 840 Grand Sixties sunglasses feature the very rare yellow tortoise shell frame that features super cool shades of yellow and brown that all combine to perfect effect with the equally rare Revo orange mirror lenses. Revo 840 sunglasses and their prior year precursor Revo 750 sunglasses date to the earliest years of Revo production c mid 1980s and were reminiscent of vintage B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses - but with a lot more design flair! Tell Me More

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