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Rare & Authentic Vintage Sunglasses c 1940s - 1990s. No Fakes, Lies, or Reproductions!
Vintage Sunglasses Shop is the world's largest vintage sunglasses store selling only the best brands and styles of vintage designer sunglasses that meet our rigorous authenticity and condition standards - all with no hassle returns. You'll find classic and iconic designs from Ray-Ban, Revo, Carrera Porsche Design, Giorgio Armani, Vuarnet, Oakley, Serengeti, Persol, Cazal, Versace, Alpina, 1950s and 1960s cat eye sunglasses, and more.
Trusted By Over 150,000 Customers Since 1998
Are you tired of seeing so many websites and auctions selling counterfeit vintage sunglasses, reproductions, and original frames with cheap replacement lenses are "100% authentic". They casually mention lens scratches "you can't see" and that "don't impair vision". They lie, omit key facts, and mislead by referencing "typical" or "normal" wear and tell you to "see pictures for condition", and use vague terms and meaningless numerical ratings - all to protect them against returns or including "restocking fees". At the Vintage Sunglasses Shop, you will know you're buying authentic vintage sunglasses that protect your eyes, fully vetted by our experts to ensure total authenticity with totally clear vision free of any visible flaws.
If We Wouldn't Wear Them, We Don't Sell Them
If an item comes in that has any chips, damage, replaced parts or lenses, or visible lens scratches or scuffing, we don't buy it and we don't sell it. We don't play games with vague and misleading descriptions or misrepresent condition or authenticity intentionally or through ignorance - you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the world's leading vintage sunglasses authority.
Don't Be Fooled By Fakes and Reproductions
Studies show over 60% of "vintage sunglasses" being sold at auctions are counterfeits or new reproductions, and while some people knowingly sell fakes many more people have purchased fakes without knowing it and then resell them, spreading counterfeits throughout the marketplace. We use original company records, photographs, and proprietary files we've compiled since 1998 to check every item for period authenticity including frame construction, parts, lenses, and identifying marks. Don't be misled thinking marks are confirmation of authenticity - it's the first thing counterfeiters focus on.
Condition & Authenticity Guarantee
Our condition and authenticity standards are the highest in the industry, serving and protecting our customers since 1998. And unlike auctions where buying alleged vintage sunglasses is a roll of the dice with people you don't know and no returns, we guarantee all our vintage sunglasses for sale are authentic and in excellent condition. And if you're not happy with your purchase for any reason, you can return them in the same condition within 7 days of receipt for a full refund with no questions asked.

No Fakes, No Lies, No Reproductions, Save 10% Plus Free Shipping

The Vintage Sunglasses Shop is the world's largest retailer of rare and authentic vintage sunglasses. Don't be fooled by fakes and misrepresentations - read about our vetting process and our condition & authenticity guarantee.

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We buy finer vintage designer sunglasses that meet our standards; learn how to sell your vintage sunglasses at good prices with no fees, hassles, or uncertainties.

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