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Buy the best brands and styles of rare and authentic vintage sunglasses from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Selections represent the pinnacles of design and optical innovation that occurred during these golden years, before most every major sunglass brand was acquired by large corporations and resulting quality and innovation declined. You can trust that we comprehensively vet every pair of vintage sunglasses we sell to ensure they meet our rigorous condition and authenticity standards. Don't be fooled by fakes and reproductions, increasingly common as authentic vintage designer sunglasses become rarer.
Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Bausch & Lomb began making Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses for the US military in the late 1930s, and their legacy of optical excellence and innovation continued for the next 60 years before the company was sold to Luxottica in 1998. B&L Ray-Ban sunglasses include many classics including Ray-Ban aviator, Wayfarer, Kalichrome, Ambermatic, Leathers, Changeables, Diamond Hard, Chromax, Orbs, Rituals, Sidestreet, CATS, Wings, and bullet hole shooter sunglasses. Shop our entire collection of vintage B&L Ray-Ban sunglasses in our Ray-Ban Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery.
Revo Sunglasses
Revo sunglasses are best known for colorful mirrored lenses and Revo H20 polarized lenses that not only look great but also protect your eyes with optical technology pioneered in the NASA space program. In addition to green Traveler Collection and brown H20 lenses, you'll find rare blue, stealth, purple, green, red, and gold mirror lenses in various styles. Shop our entire collection of vintage Revo sunglasses in our Revo Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery.
Vuarnet Sunglasses
The French company Vuarnet has long been known for their ski goggles and sunglasses, and Vuarnet introduced the PX-4000 Skilynx double gradient mirror lenses that are still one of the finest lenses ever made to reduce glare in even the most extreme conditions and PX-8000 Nautilux lenses specially formulated to reflect glare on the water. Shop our entire collection of vintage Vuarnet sunglasses in our Vuarnet Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery.
Carrera & Carrera Porsche Design Sunglasses
In the 1980s, Carrera pioneered oversized sunglasses with a new lightweight lens made of a plastic called optyl, and now oversized styles could be produced without the prohibitive weight of traditional glass lenses. Carrera Porsche Design 5621 and 5623 sunglasses were notable for the introduction of interchangeable lenses, and Carrera PD 5622 sunglasses were the first folding sunglasses ever produced. Shop our entire collection of vintage Carrera and Carrera Porsche Design sunglasses in our Carrera Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery.
Giorgio Armani Sunglasses
While in later years Giorgio Armani introduced lesser brands, early vintage Giorgio Armani sunglasses exemplified the style and quality you would expect in fine Italian sunglasses. Rich tortoise shell and etched metal frames along with mineral glass lenses distinguish vintage Armani sunglasses. Shop our entire collection of vintage Giorgio Armani sunglasses in our Armani Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery.
Persol Sunglasses
Founded in 1917 by Giuseppe Ratti, they are best known for the amazing Meflecto system, the world’s first flexible stem and a distinctive feature of the Persol brand. The stem’s flexibility derives from the introduction of nylon or metal cylinders intersected by a stainless steel core providing comfort and adaptability to any face. Persol originally catered to pilots and sports drivers but today is better known for the celebrities that can be seen sporting their styles. Shop our entire collection of vintage Persol Ratti sunglasses in our Persol Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery.
Oakley Sunglasses
Oakley introduced the concept of high performance sports sunglasses in a wrap style with the Oakley X metal sunglasses such as the Juliet, Penny, Mars, and XX building upon their earlier success with Oakley Frogskins. A lightweight blend of superheated metals, the adjustable X Metal frame is engineered with flex couplers and interchangeable nose pads for a secure, high performance fit. Shop our entire collection of vintage Oakley sunglasses in our Oakley Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery..
Versace Sunglasses
Versace sunglasses set a new standard for top quality Italian sunglasses for men and women with designs by founder Gianni Versace in the 1980s and 1990s, the choice of many well known TV, move, and music industry celebrities. Shop our entire collection of vintage Versace sunglasses in our Versace Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery.
Serengeti Sunglasses
Modern Serengeti sunglasses are of questionable quality, but early vintage Serengeti sunglasses such as the Drivers Series incorporated mineral glass lenses that were made by Corning Optics of Corning Glass fame. Vintage Serengeti sunglasses feature the patented Spectral Control System, an advanced Corning "smart lens" photochromic technology. Shop our entire collection of vintage Serengeti sunglasses in our Serengeti Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery.
Gargoyles Sunglasses
Dennis Burns founded Gargoyles in 1979 and in doing so revolutionized an entire industry with the invention of Toric lens technology. Dennis noticed that flat sunglasses left the eyes more exposed to the elements while curved lenses of the time were causing visual distortion and stress on the eyes. Gargoyles Legends sunglasses were introduced, and the lens technology was even used by the U.S. Army for ballistic protection. Shop our entire collection of vintage Gargoyles sunglasses in our Gargoyles Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery.
Alpina Sunglasses
Alpina is famous for their ski and sports sunglasses crafted with fine German engineering, and over the years they have produced some iconic vintage sunglasses such as the Alpina M1, M3, and Alpina glacier glasses. Shop our entire collection of vintage Alpina sunglasses in our Alpina Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery.

Cazal Sunglasses
Chief Cazal designer Cari Zalloni is known for some of the most outrageous styles of sunglasses every produced, attracting pioneers from the early days of rap and Hip Hop plus others who want to stand out from the crowd yet have fine Italian quality in their sunglasses. See our entire collection of vintage Cazal sunglasses in our Cazal Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery.

Bolle Sunglasses
In 1960, ski goggles were first marketed by Bollé and from there they led the industry in product innovations including their lightweight, shatterproof lenses, virtually indestructible Hydralon frames (a derivative of nylon), and sport-specific technologies. Shop our entire collection of vintage Bolle sunglasses and glacier glasses in our Bolle Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery.
Maui Jim Sunglasses
Maui Jim sunglasses were born on the beaches of Maui with innovative lenses designed to protect eyes from the harsh rays of the island sun. In the 1990s early Maui Jim sunglasses had glass lenses and were reminiscent of vintage Revos of the time albeit with that “Aloha Spirit”, and in later years MJ moved to lighter weight polycarbonate lenses. Shop our entire collection of vintage Maui Jim sunglasses in our Maui Jim Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery.
Oliver Peoples Sunglasses

Oliver Peoples was founded in 1987 with the opening of its first boutique in the heart of West Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard,.The unique culture of LA in fashion, film, art, music was an influence on the brand from the beginning. The first Oliver Peoples designs were inspired by an estate collection of vintage American-made eyewear purchased by the founders of the brand in the late 1980’s and included an array of natural tortoise shell hues with discreet branding and subtle design details. Shop our entire collection of vintage Oliver Peoples sunglasses in our Oliver Peoples Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery.

Killer Loop Sunglasses
Killer Loop was established in the 1980s as a sporting eyewear brand for windsurfers (the name Killer Loop celebrates the famous maneuver of windsurfing champion Cesare Cantagalli, performed for the first time in Hawaii). Originally owned by Bausch & Lomb, Killer Loop produced some of the most distinctive sunglass designs of the 1980s and 1990s. Shop our entire collection of vintage Killer Loop sunglasses in our Killer Loop Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery.
Cat Eye Sunglasses
Fashionable in the mid 20th century and enduring today for the ultimate in a retro look, vintage Bausch & Lomb, B&L Ray-Ban, and French cat eye sunglasses from this period were often studded with rhinestones, decorated with enamel, and have a very distinctive retro look of cat eye. Shop our entire collection of vintage 1950s and 1960s cat's eye sunglasses in our Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses Online Shopping Gallery.
American Optical, Steampunk Goggles, Antique Sunglasses, Suncloud, Julbo, Fendi, Gucci, Gaultier, & More
American Optical was a peer of Bausch & Lomb back in 1930s - 1950s, collaborating to make AN6531 military aviator sunglasses and both innovating the look of vintage Ful Vue sunglasses and goggles. Shop our entire collection of vintage AO plus old steampunk - motorcycle goggles, Suncloud, Julbo, Willson, Fendi, Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier, and more in our Vintage American Optical & More Online Shopping Gallery.

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