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VS025: Rare and early Bausch & Lomb B&L Ful Vue goggles c 1930s - 1940s combine extra strong B&L green Calobar safety glass lenses with a sturdy metal frame, and we can assure you that no goggles or safety glasses are made with this kind of quality today. Perfect for use as motorcycle goggles and sure to attract attention, we particularly like the glass side blinkers that keep wind and sunlight out while protecting the eye from the side. The glass blinkers swing on a hinge for closing the glasses. Tell Me More

VS029: These antique teashade sunglasses c early 1900s are in excellent condition and look as cool today as they did in their time at the turn of the 20th century. They feature small John Lennon style green oval glass lens measuring approximately 1.25" x 1.0". Tell Me More

VS066: Rare and authentic vintage 1940s metal framed, leather blinkered pilot or motorcycle steampunk goggles look great as regular sunglasses, ski and snowboard glasses, or ready for the Harley or Cessna. Tell Me More

VS428: Vintage Lulu Guiness Charlie L421 Blu sunglasses are one of the most distinctive styles produced by Lulu Guiness, now discontinued and never made in very large quantities. We really like the geometric blue pattern on the Lulu Guiness Charlie you'll find on both ear stems, and baby blue exterior and white interior of the front frame is really striking in its design. Tell Me More

VS719: Vintage French midcentury sunglasses are one of the most unique styles of sunglasses you'll ever see, and they were quite expensive when made c 1950s - 1960s and sold primarily at high end big city optical shops and a few of the top French, English, and American department stores. Tell Me More

VS835: Vintage Julbo Micropore glacier glasses with blue mirror lenses are one of the most functional and high performance ski sunglasses you'll every find not to mention one of the coolest with these rare blue mirror Alti Arc 4+ lenses. Julbo Micropore glacier glasses were specially designed to provide great ventilation and keep the goggles from fogging, and you see the techniques used in areas such as the front nose bridge and the leather side flaps. Tell Me More

VS836: For the best performance for those who prefer non-mirrored lenses, we've always been partial to these vintage Julbo Atlas glacier glasses with Spectron X4 lenses. This sleek black Julbo Atlas frame with black leather nose guard and side flaps looks fantastic with the Julbo Spectron X4 brown lenses, and they're scratch and impact resistant, allow 13% visible light transmission to keep bright sun from harming your eyes, and provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Tell Me More

VS1010: Vintage American Optical Ful Vue 12k gold filled Kalichrome shooters were first popularized by hunters and shooters who valued the amazing visual acuity made possible by the yellow Kalichrome lenses of these early AO sunglasses. If you've never looked through vintage Kalichrome yellow lenses, you'll be amazed by the sharpness and visual acuity that's enhanced by these innovative mineral glass lenses especially in haze and low light conditions. Tell Me More

VS1183: Vintage Cottet 891 Daytona sunglasses feature a sleek gold plated French frame that accommodates interchangeable lenses which give you two quite distinct looks for different occasions and light conditions. This is a great racing inspired design, and Cottet is a maker of sunglasses which long tied its fortunes to the European Formula One racing circuit. The frame flexes slightly to allow for the changing of the lenses which insert into prongs on the frame. Tell Me More

VS1288: Vintage Pioneer steampunk safety goggles feature a very early pioneer frame c 1940s with glass side blinkers and Bausch & Lomb Shade 2 green mineral glass lenses. Pioneer along with Bausch & Lomb, American Optical, and Wilson were the early makers of this type of safety goggle, and they often collaborated in sharing frames and lenses to keep manufacturing rolling in the years of shortage around World War II. Tell Me More

VS1359-1: Antique gold plated sunglasses with oval amber glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS1359-2: Antique gold plated sunglasses with oval green - gray glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS1359-3: Antique Civil War sharpshooter glasses are one of the rarest of all antique eyewear, featuring the unique amber sharpshooter lenses, glass lenses with a frosted effect blocks peripheral vision and focuses the eye's attention on the center clear circle for deadly aim. Tell Me More

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