Antique Sunglasses and Eyeglasses - Authentic Eyewear c 1850s - 1930s

Our antique sunglasses and eyeglasses are all rare and date to the years of the 1930s and earlier and include rare eyeglasses and sharpshooter glasses from the Civil War period. Most date to the 19th century although precise dating periods are difficult since much the same style of eyewear was produced during these years. All antique eyeglasses and sunglasses sold at the Vintage Sunglasses Shop can be worn and are in excellent condition although we intentionally do not attempt any cleaning since most collectors and movie & TV productions to whom we sell prefer complete original condition. The lenses are all in excellent condition, and if you so desire the best way to clean age tarnish from the frame is with a paste called simichrome. Most come in their original period case and all are quite rare.

1 Antique gold plated sunglasses with oval amber glass lenses.

Item VS1359-1 / Price: $285.00

2 Antique gold plated sunglasses with oval green - gray glass lenses.

Item VS1359-2 / Price: $285.00

3 Antique Civil War sharpshooter glasses are one of the rarest of all antique eyewear, featuring the unique amber sharpshooter lenses, glass lenses with a frosted effect blocks peripheral vision and focuses the eye's attention on the center clear circle for deadly aim.

Item VS1359-3 / Price: SOLD

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