Bausch & Lomb and American Optical Ful Vue Steampunk Goggles

1 Rare and early Bausch & Lomb B&L Ful Vue goggles c 1930s - 1940s combine extra strong B&L green Calobar safety glass lenses with a sturdy metal frame, and we can assure you that no goggles or safety glasses are made with this kind of quality today. Perfect for use as motorcycle goggles and sure to attract attention, we particularly like the glass side blinkers that keep wind and sunlight out while protecting the eye from the side. The glass blinkers swing on a hinge for closing the glasses and conforming to the face. It is quite unique how these glasses fold, for the front hinge rotates a full 180 degrees so they are hinged back for wearing and hinged forward for closing the glasses. If it were otherwise, they would not close with the side blinkers in the way. Very unique. Each ear stem is a strong, coated wire curved in the back with the shooter design to fit securely around the ear, and each 1.875" diameter green B&L calobar lens is etched with the early B&L or AO trademark. The unisex frame measures approximately 5.25" temple to temple, and the rear of the nose bridge is impressed B&L Ful-Vue 23. Original marketing materials for these in our files not that they are designed to "protect the only pair of eyes you'll ever have" and were made in the USA c late 1940s. Rare.

Item VS025-1 / Price: SOLD

2 While Bausch & Lomb was best known for making Ful Vue goggles, it was actually American Optical (AO) that created the original Ful Vue design which B&L licensed with royalty payments to AO. Identical in appearance to the B&L Ful Vue pictured below, AO's original idea for the Ful Vue was to raise the point where the arms joined the frame, taking them up and out of the way of the wearer's side vision. Introduced in 1930, this is also at the same time many Americans were driving cars for the first time, so they were also using rear view mirrors for the first time and herein there would be no temple blocking the wearer's view of the rear view mirror. These American Optical Ful Vue goggles are marked AO 23 Ful Vue impressed on the rear of the nose bridge and have the AO Safety Shield etched marks on both green Calobar lenses. Rare.

Item VS025-2 / Price: SOLD

2A Step up another level beyond our already unequaled vintage condition standards with very near mint condition American Optical Ful Vue goggles, amazing given the age and potentially never worn. Very rare.

Item VS025-2A / Price: $585.00

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