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VS027: Rare vintage Oliver Peoples OP 60 tortoise shell and etched metal unisex men's or women's sunglasses have a classic look but unmistakable Oliver Peoples design and high quality in the lens and the frame materials. The nose bar is etched metal in an antique bronze finish as are the ear stems right down to the end ear pads which then revert to tortoise. Tell Me More

VS040: Vintage Oliver Peoples O'Malley sunglasses feature the very rare 2 tone acetate frame that has translucence you just don't typically see even in other top of the line vintage designer sunglasses, and here it's the highly sought after 43mm size with rare blue lenses that form the perfect color complement for the frame. But what's extra special about this set is you also get matching Oliver Peoples clip on sunglasses also featuring the highly sought after blue lenses. Tell Me More

VS098: Oliver Peoples sunglasses are quite clearly of very high quality, but if you're like us you prefer the more classic styles and unique Oliver Peoples interpretations to much of their current production which is looking more and more like over the top Versace and Chanel. Tell Me More

VS115: Vintage Oliver Peoples MP-8 sunglasses are an icon of modern design and one of the smallest sizes ever produced by Oliver Peoples, and as such they have remained exclusive and highly sought after since their first introduction and here even more striking with the low production rose lenses. Note the precise and intricate etching that decorates the entire front frame and ear stems, even more striking when set against the rich antique gold finish Tell Me More

VS173: Vintage Oliver Peoples OP-545 sunglasses feature a uniquely shaped antique gold metal frame, another in the line of very small styles Oliver Peoples produced in the 1980s and 1990s and very difficult to find today. The brushed matte finish is beautifully done as are all vintage Oliver Peoples sunglasses and frames from this period, and it looks great with the amber mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS1634: Vintage Oliver Peoples OP-632 sunglasses feature very rare OP purple lenses in one of the few rimless styles ever produced by Oliver Peoples during their golden age of the 1980s and 1990s. You'll love the contrast of the purple lenses with the gleaming silver frame with uniquely shaped nose bridge and hinges, and the lenses themselves are a shape you really won't see anywhere else that gives the OP 632 style its enduringly popular and very hard to find design. Tell Me More

VS2400: Vintage Oliver Peoples OP 5 sunglasses are one of the earliest styles ever produced by Oliver Peoples, and it's a typically distinctive and finely crafted frame that is sure to attract attention and compliments most every time you wear them. Note the intricate etching that surrounds the front frame lenses and the inset decorations inside both ear stems and ear pads. The green oval lenses look great with the predominantly silver color of the OP-5 frame, a style that's equally at home at formal or casual occasions. Tell Me More

VS2530: Vintage Oliver Peoples OP 632 sunglasses exude the high style and fine craftsmanship for which vintage Oliver Peoples sunglasses have long been known, but with the OP-632 we think you'll agree it's one of the most distinctive lens shapes and styles ever produced. It's a slim, lightweight design, with a beautiful antique gold frame and those wonderfully shaped amber lenses. Tell Me More

VS2633: Vintage Oliver Peoples OP-9 sunglasses are another design icon in the early west coast style collection of Oliver Peoples LA sunglasses, long before OP turned more into a mass market brand sold all across the country. You'll love the gleaming yellow tortoise shell front frame with deep, rich black highlights along with the intricately etched black metal hinges and ear stems. Tell Me More

VS2731: Vintage Oliver Peoples 506 sunglasses feature one of the most lustrous yellow tortoise shell frames we've ever seen regardless of designer, a rich color explosion of black and yellow in the classically designed OP 506 frame. Of course you also get the Oliver Peoples green lenses that provide the perfect color complement for this frame, and don't miss the precise and intricate etching that decorates both black metal ear stems. Tell Me More

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