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Vintage Cazal sunglasses under chief Cazal designer and founder Cari Zalloni are known for some of the most outrageous styles of sunglasses every produced, attracting pioneers from the early days of rap and Hip Hop plus others who want to stand out from the crowd yet have fine Italian quality in their sunglasses. Click on the Tell Me More links for lots more information and photos, use our award winning site search above, or see all of our vintage Cazal sunglasses in our Cazal sunglasses online shopping gallery.

VS038: Aficionados of Cazal sunglasses know that they embody eye catching style without resorting to the excessive use of brand names and logos plastered all over the sunglasses and ruining their look- unless you like being a walking billboard. Tell Me More

VS049: One of the most eye catching designs in vintage sunglasses you'll ever see, the Cazal Model 195 sunglasses feature an incredible tiger stripe motif, superb contrast between clear and colored areas of the frame, unique hinges, and the always present Cazal West German quality. Tell Me More

VS131: Perhaps the single most distinctive style of sunglasses in the market, we invite you to enjoy the unique style of Cazal Model 958 German sunglasses. Eclectic and very cool design features include the widely spaced double gold bar of the front top frame and around to the hinges, the double vertical darker bars right in the center, the thin layer of tortoise that frame the round lens. Tell Me More

VS171:Vintage Cazal 254 416 sunglasses feature an eye catching, multi-color top accent that decorates a typically extravagant and unique Cari Zalloni design from the early days of Cazal sunglasses c mid 1990s. You'll find hues of blue, purple, gold, and more in the top accent, a great mix of curves and angles typical of Cazal designs from this period. It's great metalwork and overall craftsmanship, distinctively shaped and certain not to be seen on anyone else when you wear them out. Tell Me More

VS1100: Vintage Cazal 958 Col 332 sunglasses are one of the most distinctive styles of sunglasses ever produced, and the Cazal 958 is a top choice of celebrities including music mogul Jay-Z. The widely spaced double gold plated bars of the nose bridge, temples, and ear stems of the Cazal 958 is really unique and eye catching, something you won't see on any other brand or style of sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS1305: Vintage Cazal 263 455 sunglasses are a design explosion with that typical Cazal flair, with gold fleck top accent that is asymmetrical and sure to draw the eye yet seemingly in perfect balance for the largely open lens design of these hard to find sunglasses. The black mottling set against the gold plate of the 263 455 frame is a perfect contrast with the light purple tint of the original Cazal lenses. Tell Me More

VS1330: Vintage Cazal 901 Targa Design sunglasses feature a sleek black racing inspired frame that can hold these 2 complete sets of interchangeable Cazal Targa design lenses. The nose pad can be removed to allow the interchangeable green and brown Cazal lens sets to be removed and the other pair to be inserted, and then the nose pad is replaced to hold the lenses in place. Tell Me More

VS1338: Vintage Cazal 225 sunglasses are one of the most distinctive styles in the Cazal 200 series, with the double bar ear stems also found in the later Cazal 900 series and really beautiful insets of color - blue and pink - on both sides of the front frame. That dash of color makes a great complement to the gleaming gold plating of the Cazal 225, and the original off white ear pads add a final bit of design flair. Tell Me More

VS1339: Vintage Cazal 733 302 sunglasses is one of the finest styles in the famous Cazal 700 series that have been worn by celebrities including Brad Pitt, Kanye West, and others. The distinctive lens shape of the Cazal 733 is quite unique, but what really stands out is the open double bar top accent along with the intricate and complex black and gold plate design that wraps the temples and goes halfway down both ear stems. Tell Me More

VS1588: Vintage Cazal 951 sunglasses feature an eye catching tortoise shell and gold design, a rare and low production variation of the iconic Cazal 951 and only available at the time as a special order from Cazal and not part of their catalogue line. You'll love the rich gleaming tortoise shell ear stems and nose bar decoration which add plenty of extra design flair along with the iconic Cazal 900 line side shields that give your eyes added protection from wind, rain, and glare. Tell Me More

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