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VS2443: Vintage Cazal Mod 967 Col 302 sunglasses continue Cara Zalloni's elaborate reinvention of sunglasses design, an intricately crafted and eye catching combination of black and gold that's sure to attract attention and compliments most every time you wear them. Like many styles in the Cazal 900 series, you'll love the distinctive double ear stems of Cazal 967 302 sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS2483: Vintage Cazal 770 302 sunglasses are another elaborate design of Cazal founder Cara Zalloni, and we think you'll agree that the alternating gold and black ebony strips of the Cazal 770 ear stems and nose bridge coupled with the cool blue lenses and translucent eye cups is one of the best styles ever produced by Cazal. Tell Me More

VS2493: Vintage Cazal 901 70 Sport Design sunglasses c 1980s feature the rare all white frame along with two sets of interchangeable lenses - light and dark variations of blue gradient lenses and both equally rare. Cazal 901 sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design, arguably the most popular all round style ever produced by the elaborate and creative founder of Cazal Cari Zalloni. Cazal sunglasses are popular with those who seek originality and aren't afraid to make a fashion statement. Tell Me More

VS2494: Vintage Cazal 901 313 Targa Design sunglasses c 1980s feature the rare blue and white frame along with sleek and elegant gray gradient lenses that combine for a unique look suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Cazal 901 sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design, arguably the most popular all round style ever produced by the elaborate and creative founder of Cazal Cari Zalloni. Tell Me More

VS2640: Vintage Cazal Mod 858 Col 255 sunglasses feature a uniquely asymmetrical frame in one of the most famous of all iconic Cari Zalloni designs as the founder of Cazal. Of course the first thing that draws your eye is the asymmetrical design of the Cazal 858, but equally striking are the clear translucent frame with multiple color lines of turquoise, fuscia, and white plus gold on the ear stems. Tell Me More

VS2689: Vintage Cazal 189 292 sunglasses are a typically elaborate Cazal design dating back to the days when founder Cari Zalloni led the design team, and we think you'll agree the Cazal Mod 189 is another in a long line of distinctive, eye catching sunglasses. The soft colors of blue and white combine in asymmetrical, unexpected ways which along with the unique shape will ensure these vintage Cazal sunglasses will get you noticed! Tell Me More

VS2790: Vintage Cazal 970 498 sunglasses are one of the most unique designs of Cazal founder Cari Zalloni, a perfect combination of gold and Tortuga in this uniquely shaped, radically designed frame. We love the ear stems of the Cazal Mod 970 Col 498, a continuation of the curves and angles of the front frame top accent bars that make you look as good from the sides as from the front. Tell Me More

VS2849: Vintage Cazal Mod 958 Col 302 sunglasses feature the eye catching gold plated with black highlights variation of iconic Cazal 958 sunglasses, one of the most distinctive styles of sunglasses ever produced. Worn by celebrities including the Eurythmics, Vanilla Ice and Nathan Morris on the cover of the Boyz II Men debut album, and by Beyoncé in 2012 among others, Cazal 958 sunglasses are so unique you'll never have to worry about going out and seeing someone else wearing your sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS2865: Vintage Cazal Mod 976 Col 302 sunglasses feature a sleek black and gold frame that contrasts the use of horizontal banding with the oval lenses to create one of the most elegant and understated looks you'll find from the frequently over the top styles of vintage Cazal sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS2866: Vintage Cazal Mod 642 Col 677 sunglasses are an iconc, one of the most distinctive styles ever produced by world famous designer Cari Zalloni, the founder of Cazal. The disctinctively thick and oversized front frame in this variation is yellow tortoise shell, the most highly sought after frame color at the Vintage Sunglasses Shop regardless of manufacturer. The use of gold at the nose bridge and around the lenses down the ear stems makes an eye catching complement. Tell Me More

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