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Vintage Persol sunglasses were introduced in 1917 by founder Giuseppe Ratti, best known for the amazing Meflecto system, the world’s first flexible ear stem and a distinctive feature of the Persol brand. The stem’s flexibility derives from the introduction of nylon or metal cylinders intersected by a stainless steel core providing comfort and adaptability to any face. Persol originally catered to pilots and sports drivers but today is better known for the celebrities that can be seen sporting their styles. Click on the Tell Me More links for lots more information and photos, use our award winning site search above, or see all of our vintage Persol sunglasses in our Persol sunglasses online shopping gallery along with our most popular Persol style searches.

VS067: Vintage Persol 003 sunglasses c late 1980s sunglasses with glass side shields and a super tortoise shell frame are an icon of 20th century sunglasses design. The styling features a double nose bridge, Persol brown mineral glass lenses, desirable and hard to find side flaps that give added eye protection, and a brass strip that extends across the front of the frame and is impressed Persol. These Persol 003 sunglasses were made in the Ratti manufacturing center. Tell Me More

VS141: Vintage Persol 714 793 Havana folding sunglasses are a great color variation of one of the most iconic and sought after styles Persol ever made. Steve McQueen turned Persol 714 tortoise shell folding sunglasses into a pop culture icon by wearing them throughout his life and on screen in movies such as The Thomas Crown Affair. Hand made in Italy, Persol 714 sunglasses fold in half via a horizontal hinge at the nose bridge and ear stems fold vertically via hinges halfway down each stem. Tell Me More

VS701: Vintage Persol Ratti 9271 sunglasses c 1980s feature an amazing Italian yellow tortoise shell frame that is strikingly translucent in how light passes through and almost make them shimmer. You'll find the distinctive vintage Persol silver temple hinges and vertical etching on each of the ear stems, part of the Meflecto system that lets the frame mould itself to the shape of the wearer’s face to add comfort and stability of fit. Tell Me More

VS702: Vintage Persol P27 Ratti sunglasses c 1988 were one of the most unique styles Persol produced during these years at Persol's famous Ratti manufacturing facility. Persol Ratti P27 sunglasses are one of their sportiest designs, featuring thick yet tapering ear stems one of which is embellished with a Persol racing inspired metal logo and a gleaming Italian tortoise shell frame. Tell Me More

VS706: Vintage Persol Ratti Brevett sunglasses c 1950s / early 1960s are a unique Persol interpretation of the cat eye sunglasses shape but with that great Italian flair and quality. Persol Brevett sunglasses have the distinctive Persol silver arrow design at the temples and hinges, and note the ripple effect on the ear stems that is the kind of design detail that's both eye catching and difficult to manufacture. Tell Me More

VS709: Vintage Persol 2815-S sunglasses exude the subtle quality you'll find in top of the line Persol Italian sunglasses, with a translucent light tortoise shell frame and the distinctive acetate covered metal ear stems unique to Persol and that add strength and flexibility to the frame. Tell Me More

VS710: Vintage Persol 650 80 yellow tortoise shell sunglasses are one of the most distinctive styles Persol ever produced at the famous Ratti manufactory in Italy reserved for only their top of the line production. There is no more eye catching sunglass design than vintage Persol yellow tortoise sunglasses, and the pairing of the extravagantly arched nose bridge and the gleaming yellow tortoise front frame is true design genius. Tell Me More

VS799: Vintage Persol Ratti Andrea 52 Patent sunglasses are a style you'll often see in movies and on TV, a classic of Persol design with gleaming translucent tortoise shell frame and plenty of subtle carving and design details. Direct your attention to the center nose bridge and check out the 2 raised points on the top and the large enclosed center area with 3 carved vertical lines that all form the central focus of these wonderful frames. Tell Me More

VS922: Vintage Persol Ratti 649 Brevettato sunglasses feature a beautiful Italian tortoise shell frame with all the distinctive Persol design features at the nose bridge, hinges, and ear stems, and they also feature the Persol Meflecto system that lets the frame mold itself to the shape of the wearer’s face. The Meflecto system involves inserting two to four small cylinders into the acetate arm to give it flexibility, a craft manufacturing process exclusive to Persol sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS991: Vintage Persol 807 folding sunglasses are among the rarest of vintage Persol sunglasses, a wonderful Italian honey tortoise shell frame with arguably the best folding technology in the world allowing them to collapse into a size no larger than the width of a single lens. Each ear stem folds down at the midpoint, then the ear stems close and the frame itself folds via the hinge at the center nose bridge. In addition to the advanced folding technology, Persol 807 sunglasses also feature the Persol Meflecto system that gives the ear stems unrivaled flexibility. Tell Me More

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