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VS3085: Vintage Persol Solar sunglasses are one of the most elegant designs ever produced by Persol, combining a metal front frame and hinges in an etched antique gold with black highlights and great tortoise shell ear stems. Persol Solar sunglasses are a sleek, low profile design, finely crafted in a way that will be apparent to you and differentiated even from other finer Italian sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS3118: Vintage Persol Ratti 002 A sunglasses are one of the most distinctive of all vintage Persol styles, featuring glass side shields on each side that give you unparalleled eye protection from the sides and the Persol Meflecto system for unprecedented flexibility and fit. Each ear stem has 2 metal cylinders inserted to provide flex and a perfect fit, the trademark technology of the Persol Meflecto system dating to 1938. Tell Me More

VS3119: Persol 3028 988 sunglasses feature the intricately engineered and imminently practical folding Persol frame that folds up to a size not much larger than 2 lenses back to back, but the real stars of the 3028 988 are the rare and hard to find Persol gold mirror lenses. The Persol 3028 folding sunglasses frame has hinges on each ear stem and at the nose bridge, really en angineering marvel when you think about it but hugely practical to make them easier to carry around. Tell Me More

VS3183: Persol 714 95 S3 "Steve McQueen" folding sunglasses are an engineering marvel of the 20th century, folding up to a size not much larger than a single lens and known as the first ever collapsible folding sunglasses. But these Persol 714 folding sunglasses are a special issue, with the black ebony frame and blue Neophan lenses popularized by the actor Steve McQueen. Steve McQueen wore the Persol 714 in the 1968 movie The Thomas Crown Affair. Tell Me More

VS3205: Vintage Persol 714 folding sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design and an engineering marvel, folding up to a size no larger than the two lenses resting against one another. These are original vintage Persol Ratti 714 folding sunglasses and not the modern "Steve McQueen" reproductions being marketed by Persol today. The blond tortoise shell frame is harder to find than darker tortoise versions of Persol 714s, and it looks great with the brown Persol mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

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