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VS002: A top example of mid-century 1950s cat eye sunglasses, these vintage French cat eye sunglasses are a real color explosion at the temples. The color swirls at the left and right corners are soft and iridescent, with hues of shimmering iridescent pink, blue, and gold. Tell Me More

VS017: Vintage Ray-Ban Marcellina sunglasses c 1950s - 1960s combine the iconic and lovely pearl translucent Marcellina frame with vintage Bausch & Lomb green RB-3 lenses for a great, cat-like effect guaranteed to make you purr! The translucence of this frame will really strike you even more in person out in the sunlight than in the photos, which with the light green RB-3 lenses make this arguably the most eye catching frame and lens combination in the iconic Ray-Ban Marcellina midcentury line of eyewear. Tell Me More

VS042: Indulge the feline in you with about the most streamlined and extreme example of French cat eye sunglasses we've ever seen here! What more classic cat eye combination could there be than jet black cat eye frame coupled with elongated green cat eye lens, and this high quality French design is sure to please. Tell Me More

VS047: Vintage 1950s cat eye sunglasses from France feature a satin finish taupe with lovely carved detailing at the corners accented with aurora borealis rhinestones and gold metallic bead accents. Tell Me More

VS178: You'll see some of the finest period 1950s and 1960s French cat's eye sunglasses come from BH France, and we think you'll particularly love these rather stunning BH etched and rhinestone studded sunglasses in rare white mother of pearl color. Tell Me More

VS205: Rare 1950s / early 1960s B&L Ray-Ban cat eye "Beatnik" sunglasses have a style that will leave jaws dropping wherever you wear them. It's really an amazing design, with a 2 tone frame that combines black and pearl in an always striking color combination but with added flair delivered by the B&L green cat eye lenses. Tell Me More

VS238: Very early vintage Bausch & Lomb cat eye sunglasses c 1950s pre-date the use of the Ray-Ban trademark and have the most complete set of design bells and whistles collectors and vintage fashion enthusiasts look for in the finest vintage sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS491: Vintage 1950s French rhinestone sunglasses feature an unique gold exterior frame, black interior frame, and wonderful rhinestones, gold beads, and black etching decorating the temples of these rare midcentury women's sunglasses. This is one of the best vintage 50s cat eye designs we've seen in a long time - cool, sleek, and guaranteed to generate questions and compliments. Tell Me More

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