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VS1287: Vintage French cat eye sunglasses c 1950s feature elongated rhinestone studded temples in a sleek and elegant interpretation of vintage 50s French cat eye sunglasses. The frame color has a lot of translucence that adds even more shimmer to the rhinestones, and the light green glass lenses are iconic as the lens of choice during the midcentury. It's a really nice cluster of rhinestones and studs on each temple. Tell Me More

VS1495: Vintage Ray-Ban Marcellina sunglasses are one of the most popular women's sunglasses styles ever produced by B&L Ray-Ban, and while the Marcellina was produced in a variety of colors we think this rare black model with blue highlights and shadings is right at the very pinnacle of the design. Tell Me More

VS1496: Vintage Ray- Ban cat eye sunglasses c 1950s have enduring design appeal right into the 21st century, but even after 15 years in business this is the first pair of Ray-Ban green glitter cat eye sunglasses we've received. You'll love the subtle shadings of color on this classic midcentury design, and the green glitter adds amazing pizazz and is sure to attract questions and compliments most anywhere you wear them. Tell Me More

VS1506: Vintage Ray-Ban Alita cat eye sunglasses feature a shimmering gold and black frame, color hues that really go well together and make the Alita one of the most popular of B&L Ray-Ban designs from the 1950s and early 1960s. You'll like the color contrast of the colorful front frame with the black interior frame, and the shape of the Alita fits within the cat eye category but is not as extreme as other examples and brands. Tell Me More

VS1517: Vintage Ray-Ban cat eye sunglasses feature a shimmering yellow marble outer frame sharply contrasted with the all black inner frame, an eye catching design that is so perfectly evocative of the 1950s and early 1960s. The shape is nicely rounded to fit well on a wide variety of face sizes and shapes, and note the subtle decoration at each temple that adds a final bit of design flourish. Tell Me More

VS1528: Vintage Ray-Ban cat eye sunglasses c 1950s features a unique color contrast frame typical of Ray-Ban women's sunglasses from this era, with contrasting colors on the exterior and interior frame and additional darker orange hightlights at the temples and nose bridge of the rear frame. B&L Ray-Ban midcentury sunglasses often employed this technique of making the inner frame as interesting as the exterior frame. Tell Me More

VS1626: Vintage 1950s Brevete folding cat eye folding sunglasses were produced in only very small quantities, a midcentury engineering marvel of fashion design that also features a matching celluloid chain. You'll be the belle of the ball if you're seen in these rhinestone studded rich tortoise shell celluloid sunglasses with a translucence that instantly tells you they date to the 1950s. The nose bridge is in reality a round rhinestone decorated pivot that allows the ear stems to fold down across the front frame. Tell Me More

VS1635: Vintage 1950s cat eye sunglasses feature a really eye catching geometric combination of silver and black that decorates both ear stems and the top portion of the front frame, and the lower portion of the front frame transitions to a complementary but different pattern that embosses the pattern on a clear background for a cool translucent effect. There's a subtle shimmer or glitter in the geometric black and silver patterned front frame and ear stems, and don't miss the high arched temples. Tell Me More

VS1636: Vintage 1950s Cabana TS-4508J sunglasses are elaborately decorated with multi-color rhinestones and etched details at the corners of both temples and around the ear stem along with angular alternating bands of butterscotch and off white which accentuate the flaring temples and curvaceous design. This butterscotch outer color is iconic and instantly identifiable 1950s sunglass design. Tell Me More

VS1637: Vintage 1950s French cat eye sunglasses feature gold filigree and rhinestone decorations on the temples and ear stems set against a beautiful pearlized midcentyr cat eye frame. The intricate detailing is quite fine, with thin precise lines and studs and rhinestones incorporated directly into the filigree. The frame color really shimmers in the light, added design flair that is a perfect complement to the high quality but understanted rhinestone decorations. Tell Me More


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