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VS503: Sexy 1950s black French rhinestone sunglasses give you a uniquely shaped, more rectangular variation to traditional 50's cat eye sunglasses that is guaranteed to draw attention most every time you wear them. These vintage French mid-century sunglasses have plenty of rhinestones decorating each temple and extending halfway across the top frame. Tell Me More

VS513: Vintage 1950s French rhinestone sunglasses are a real stunner, and this is an elaborate design with extended top temples with open design and nicely decorated with rhinestones across the top and down the sides of this 50's French frame. Tell Me More

VS615: Vintage French rhinestone cat eye sunglasses feature a stunning 2 tone pearlized cat eye frame studded with gleaming rhinestones c 1950s. The angular cat eye style coupled with pearlized frame, rhinestones, and green glass lenses all combine for one of the most unique and eye catching styles of vintage cat eye sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS634: Vintage 1950s French cat eye sunglasses are studded with colorful, gleaming rhinestones on each ear stem and well across each temple. The white pearl frame makes a great background to the rhinestones, and as with most vintage mid-century French sunglasses the frame is layered. Tell Me More

VS713: Vintage French rhinestone and pearl cat eye sunglasses are one of the most beautiful examples of midcentury French sunglasses you will ever see, with all the bells and whistles that both collectors and fashion aficionados love.

The aquamarine blue frame is wonderfully translucent, and each temple is elaborately decorated with a string of rhinestones and a large pearl corner accent. Tell Me More

VS717: Vintage 1960s French polka dot sunglasses are an icon of the 1960s hippie and freedom movements, exemplifying the swinging decade of the 60s. These are typical of French sunglasses of this period by being both very well made and very stylish, and the red and green polka dots set against the off white base color really look great together. Tell Me More

VS718: Vintage French cat eye sunglasses c 1950s - 1960s are a beautiful design with contrasting pearlized exterior frame and jet black interior frame that come together in a great shape and great style. The pearl and black color combination is really eye catching, and the shape is equally so especially at the temples where they curve inward to better expose the white on black contrast. Tell Me More

VS723: Vintage French tortoise shell cat eye sunglasses c 1950s / 1960s are one of the most extreme thin profile designs you'll ever see in these stylish midcentury sunglasses. The beautiful French tortoise shell frame is translucent in the way it filters light, and the low profile design makes a striking design statement. Tell Me More

VS777: Vintage Ray-Ban cat eye sunglasses c 1950s / 1960s feature the rare green plaid frame with matching case, a style that is one of the most distinctive sunglass designs of the last 75 years. The interesting thing about this frame is not just the unique green plaid design but it's the translucence that goes along with it, letting light penetrate the frame surface and adding a lof of design flair. Tell Me More

VS785: Vintage French cat eye sunglasses c 1950s feature unique curved and pointed temples and a unique and classic 50s frame color that really pops with the green lenses. There's a real translucence to this vintage French frame, but it's the dramatically curved temples that stand out and catch the eye. Tell Me More


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