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VS1591: Vintage Cazal 955 33 sunglasses feature a stunning tortoise shell and and gold frame in the iconic Cazal 955 style, and you'll love how it looks with the Cazal brown gradient lenses. The tortoise color is affixed to the gold front frame via a patented Cazal application process, and it also decorates the front nose bridge at the intersecting gold bands that are a unique design characteristic of Cazal 955 sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS1592: Vintage Cazal 955 354 sunglasses feature a stunning white and gold with blue enamel highlights frame in the iconic Cazal 955 style, but the real stars of the show in the Cazal 955 354 are the Cazal blue gradient lenses that look absolutely fantastic with the white and gold frame. Of all lens colors, blue gradient is right up there in the most popular of all colors, and the contrast between the blue gradient lenses and the white ear stems with gold front frame that has a blue enamel front and nose bar decoration is really striking. Tell Me More

VS1593: Vintage Cazal 954 337 sunglasses are a low production style in the famous Cazal 900 line, another distinctive style with side shields and some of the best ear stems you'll ever see on any pair of sunglasses. The angular shape, simulated wood grain base frame and white enamel horizontal band with Cazal logo really make the Cazal 954 stand out in a crowd. It's a clean and elegant look right down to the center nose bridge of white enamel with gold accent. Tell Me More

VS1594: Vintage Cazal 904 337 sunglasses are one of the most distinctive of all Cazal designs, a classic designed by Cazal founder Cari Zalloni. You might consider the Cazal 904 a more angular, much more stylish variation of Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban Wings sunglasses, but nobody is going to mistake the Cazal 904 337 for a Ray-Ban. The pink frame color, double bar ear stems, and white ear pads all come together as perfect design complements sure to attract questions and compliments. Tell Me More

VS1595: Vintage Cazal 853 221 sunglasses are one of those distinctive styles where you instantly know they are a vintage Cazal design, combining clear front frame with blue and green bands along with gold ear stems and white ear pads. Wow! We like the corner temple decorations made possible by the use of the color bands in a triangle offset against the clear frame. Tell Me More

VS1596: Vintage Cazal 244 740 sunglasses feature the distinctive Cazal double bar temples and a wonderful mottled blue and pink center nose bridge decoration that really adds color and design flair to Cazal Mod 244 sunglasses. With Cazal sunglasses, you're easily wowed by the unique shapes and styles but you can sometimes miss subtle quality design elements; for example, in the Cazal 244 note the white enamel highlights with the gold at the nose bridge and on the temples. Tell Me More

VS1597: Vintage Cazal 912 720 sunglasses will make you want to roar with the superb leopard print front frame surrounding the uniquely shaped lenses of the Cazal 912. This sleek and elegant design continues on with the gloss black ear stems with the sophisticated Cazal logo on a metal insert on the exterior of both stems. There are plenty of subtle design details like the contrasting use of matte and polished gold finish on the nose bridge and the way the temples bend around to give added protection from the sides. Tell Me More

VS1598: Vintage Cazal 163 200 sunglasses are a design explosion of red, black, and gold in one of the hottest styles of sunglasses ever produced by Cazal. Red and gold decorate both ear stems while the red front frame hides the black rear frame. That sandwich effect on such a massive and intricately assembled frame is tough to manufacture but ensures that these sunglasses are as distinctive sitting on a table as on your face. Tell Me More

VS1599: Vintage Cazal 970 302 sunglasses are one of the most unique designs of Cazal founder Cari Zalloni, an alternating contrast of gold and black in this uniquely shaped, radically designed frame. We love the ear stems of the Cazal 970, a continuation of the curves and angles of the front frame top accent bars that make you look as good from the sides as from the front. Tell Me More

VS1600: Vintage Versace S12 A03 sunglasses feature a very uniquely shaped, distinctive yellow tortoise shell frame that captures all the most exotic design flair for which the House of Versace has always been known. Check out the photos of the translucence of the yellow tortoise frame, with fantastic striations of yellow and dark brown hues that traverse both front frame and ear stems. Tell Me More

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