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VS471: Vintage Giorgio Armani 2521 485 sunglasses are a layered design, tricky in manufacturing but great looking when you pull it off. The front frame is a royal blue while the rear frame is an off white trending to gray, and when you put the 2 together around the Armani rectangular optical glass lenses it really makes a design statement. Tell Me More

VS472: Vintage Revo 1112 080 sea foam green mirror sunglasses have a unique blue tint that we think you'll love. The 080 variation in Revo 1112 sunglasses were a low production run with not many produced, but these lenses definitely give you mroe hues of blue and green together than traditional Revo green mirror lenses. Tell Me More

VS473: Vintage Ray-Ban W2814 Sidestreet Crosswalk sunglasses have great side blinkers reminiscent of glacier glasses, side cups that give your eyes added protection on the sides from glare,wind, rain, or snow. This is a very popular style for both casual use and on the ski slopes on a sunny day, and we think they really look great with the use of brown and gold in the unique oval shape of Ray-Ban W2814 Sidestreet sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS474: Vintage Giorgio Armani 637 883 sunglasses feature rounded rectangular lenses and beautiful yellow and orange Italian tortoise shell ear stems for one of the most elegant designs ever produced by Armani. The black metal frame doesn't detract from the stars of the show which are the yellow tortoise stems and the unique shape of these vintage Giorgio Armani optical glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS475Vintage Giorgio Armani 707 884 sunglasses feature a brushed antique gold frame, tortoise ear pads, and oval Armani mineral glass lenses, all combining to make Armani 707 sunglasses into a style that's equally at home at formal or casual occasions. Sleek, elegant, and low profile, the lenses employ advanced UV protection for your eyes and measure approximately 1.875" x 1.125" at the widest points with both laser etched GA near the hinges. Tell Me More

VS476: Vintage 12k GF Ray-Ban bullet hole shooters features the 12k gold filled bullet hole frame c 1960s-1970s with very early Ray-Ban Tru Green lenses, the lightest of 3 shades of early Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban mineral glass lenses that all pre-date the introduction of the darker RB-3 lens from this period as well as the far more common G-15 lenses. Vintage Ray-Ban bullet hole shooter sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design, full of innovation including the center ring "bullet hole" (here the larger of 2 sizes of ring), the "General" brow bar, shooter ear stems. Tell Me More

VS477: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban Chase cat eye sunglasses c 1950s - early 1960s are one of the most popular early styles of Ray-Bans for women, and it's easy to see why. The soft white frame features a layered effect at the temple with accent colors that highlight the layers and give the frame a nice 3 dimensional effect at the corners. Tell Me More

VS478: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban Rituals W2527 Illusions Cappuccino tortoise shell sunglasses were an offshoot of Ray-Ban Onyx sunglasses but with a little softer, more rounded style. The gleaming tortoise shell frame has the stylized R insert indicating the Ray-Ban Rituals line embedded in one of the ear stems. Tell Me More

VS479: Vintage Ray-Ban W0902 Wayfarer Dallas sunglasses feature a gleaming black ebony frame and B&L G-15 anti-glare lenses, a highly sought after variation of iconic Wayfarer sunglasses and one produced only in small quantities so thus much harder to find today. The frame retains the distinctive Wayfarer ear stems, but the front frame is more rounded and less angular than an original Wayfarer and popular as such with both men and women. Tell Me More

VS480: Vintage Revo 1109 010 Ellipse aviator sunglasses in pristine new old stock condition with original Revo box and case are very difficult to find. Revo 1109 sunglasses are a unique Revo interpretation of classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses but with that distinctive Revo flair. Tell Me More

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