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VS041: Rare vintage Revo 1110 010 sunglasses offer a perfect combination of Revo's highly reflective blue mirror lens and matte black ear metal stems and frame, explaining why they and companion lens shape or stem variations such as 1110/001 and 1110/011 styles are clearly in our top 3 most requested models. Tell Me More

VS042: Indulge the feline in you with about the most streamlined and extreme example of French cat eye sunglasses we've ever seen here! What more classic cat eye combination could there be than jet black cat eye frame coupled with elongated green cat eye lens, and this high quality French design is sure to please. Tell Me More

VS043: Rare and vintage Carrera Porsche Design gold and titanium silver aviator sunglasses Model 5623 77 were made in Austria and are our personal favorite of any combination of materials Carrera used as variations on this classic style. Tell Me More

VS044: Vintage Revo 973 007 Advanced Circle sunglasses feature rare Revo green mirror lenses and yellow tortoise shell top accents, arguably the best frame and lens combo in the iconic Revo 973 sunglasses line of the 1980s. It's a perfect color combination that brings together one of Revo's most classically elegant frames perfect for both formal and casual occasions, but of course you also get the high style and high performance of the Revo green mirror mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS045: Eclectic and all handmade in Bavaria, these Alpina M3 sports driving German sunglasses are vintage 1960s when West Germany was still separated from East Germany. Without question, they embody high quality German industrial design best known in cars but certainly holding true in vintage German eyewear. The Alpina M3 has a high tech design that couple a titanium silver aviator style frame with studded gold bars that grace the tops of the lens. Tell Me More

VS046: Vintage Ray-Ban Tortuga General sunglasses are one of the most beautiful of all vintage Ray-Bans and here featuring equally rare 58mm B-15 top gradient mirror lenses, a frame and lens combination that collectors and fashion aficiandos the world over keep coming back to Vintage Sunglasses Shop checking our often sold out stock. The "General" brow bar was originally designed to improve the balance of the sunglasses on the face, and the Tortuga variation is found in only very small quantities compared to it's more common beige counterpart. Tell Me More

VS047: Vintage 1950s cat eye sunglasses from France feature a satin finish taupe with lovely carved detailing at the corners accented with aurora borealis rhinestones and gold metallic bead accents. Tell Me More

VS048: It's not easy to find the Revo H20 polarized Photo lens, so we were happy to find these vintage Revo 3022 093/ Y1 sunglasses with amber lens and Italian made copper frame. These Revos have a subtle wrap to the design, curving gently around the face but not as extreme as Oakley and modern wrap style sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS049: One of the most eye catching designs in vintage sunglasses you'll ever see, the Cazal Model 195 sunglasses feature an incredible tiger stripe motif, superb contrast between clear and colored areas of the frame, unique hinges, and the always present Cazal West German quality. Tell Me More

VS050: Vintage Ray-Ban Leathers aviator sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design, featuring an Arista gold plated frame that's wrapped in supple English bridle leather and coupled with Bausch & Lomb G-15 mineral glass lenses. It's a great combination of high style and high performance, a unique look that you just don't see from any other manufacturer than B&L Ray-Ban during their golden years and prior to the sale of the brand to Luxottica in 1998. Tell Me More

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