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VS3671: Vintage Versace S72 15L sunglasses are arguably one of the most classic, elegant designs ever produced during the golden years of Gianni Versace before his death, with thick black ebony ear stems culminating in the gold plated Versace Medusa head logos set against a silver and gold plated background. The oval front frame and and nose bridge also combine silver and gold plating to tie the entire design together, and the effect of the color combination is hard to beat. Tell Me More

VS3672: Vintage Versace S32 09M sunglasses are a fine and rare example of Versace sunglasses c mid 1990s exuding top of the line Italian quality with gold plated link chain ear stems, matching link nose bridge, and the Versace trademark gold Medusa head that decorates both ear stems. Versace production records indicate that these model S32 Medusa sunglasses were produced just before the assassination of Gianni Versace in 1997 as he was walking back to his Miami Beach mansion from Ocean Drive, one of the last examples of Versace sunglass design conceived by the founder. Tell Me More

VS3673: Vintage Versace X36 029 sunglasses were the top of the line and most popular variation in the iconic Versace X series of sunglasses, and it's easy to see why. Look at the fine craftsmanship obvious in the carved and flowing lines of the ear stems, reminiscent of the movement of waves across the ocean and accented by the Versace trademark Medusa head in silver on the exterior of both ear stems. Tell Me More

VS3674: Vintage Cazal 868 688 sunglasses evoke the startling look of 1930s Art Deco as envisioned by the creative design mind of Cazal founder Cari Zalloni. The combination of clear translucent, black ebony, and gold plating with rare blue gradient lenses is perfect to create the Art Deco styling, and it's both a very distinctive shape and a design sure to get you noticed and certain to be unique wherever you wear them. Tell Me More

VS3675: Vintage Maui Jim MJ-178 Voyager sunglasses were another style in the very first Maui Jim collection, back in the day when Maui Jim sunglasses more closely resembled vintage Revos than the lightweight Maui Jims with polycarbonate lenses that you see in stores today. The MJ 178 features a gleaming black ebony frame coupled with the highly reflective mirrored lenses that were common in the earliest days of Maui Jim production. Tell Me More

VS3676: Vintage Vuarnet 2408 sunglasses feature a sleek black ebony frame that looks great with the Vuarnet PX-4000 Skilynx double gradient mirror lenses in this very popular style. The legendary Vuarnet Skilynx lens eliminates glare and reflection, enhances contrast and depth of field, and is widely known as the essential lens for in the mountains and at sea. The Skilynx lens blocks nearly all of the violet and blue light, thus reducing glare and eye strain. Tell Me More

VS3677: Vintage Oakley A-Wire Thick Wire sunglasses feature the iconic thick A Wire matte black frame with subtle wrap contours and Oakley Black Iridium mirrored lenses. With added thickness around the perimeter of the front frame, the thick wire variation gives you extra frame strength along with a highly distinctive look. The high tech metal A-Wire frame is a sleek, high performance example of early vintage Oakley sunglasses, and the highly reflective Oakley Black Iridium lenses here add exterior silver mirror filters to aid in glare reduction. Tell Me More

VS3678: Vintage Maui Jim MJ-150 16 Makai top gradient mirror sunglasses feature a subtle wrap design reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Predator sunglasses or early Oakley styles, a look that's pretty different than any other Maui Jim of this era or any era for that matter. The finely crafted gold plated metal frame has a sleek, low profile look, and you'll love the contrast of the mottled red tortoise ear stems that make a distinctive and eye catching contrast with the front frame. Tell Me More

VS3679: Vintage Ray-Ban Bengal sunglasses c 1960s are a real rarity today, one of the few examples of this style of oversized sunglasses Bausch & Lomb produced during the 1960s that evoked the look of the mod era without being totally over the top, in keeping with their more mainstream upscale clientele. It's a beautiful combination of curves and angles in a finely crafted translucent tortoise shell frame and coupled with B&L Ray-Ban G-15 mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS3680: Vintage Oliver Peoples Aerial sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design, and while there were some frame and lens color combinations one of the hardest to find and in our view best looking is the silver OP Aerial with gray photochromatic lenses from the original Japanese production. The gray lens tint with silver frame is really eye catching, and the lenses will lighten and darken in varying light condition via optical properties infused into the lens. Tell Me More

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