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VS3221: Vintage Ray-Ban 62mm black chrome sunglasses feature very hard to find Bausch & Lomb top gradient mirror Driving Series lenses, a low production variation of the more common gold plated aviators. The combination of black chrome frame and the brown base Bausch & Lomb B-15 top gradient mirror mineral glass lenses are a perfect color complement, with the graduated mirror coating optimized for mirrored glare protection at the top phasing out below. Tell Me More

VS3222: Vintage Revo sunglasses and vintage Vuarnet sunglasses accessories including croakies, lanyards, hats, lapel pins, cases, keychains, gift boxes, and more. Tell Me More

VS3223: Vintage Ray-Ban Flying Colors sunglasses feature the rare dark purple variation of this iconic 20th century sunglasses line c 1990s, and the 58mm Bausch & Lomb Changeables lenses round out the look of this unique frame color and lens combination. B&L Changeables lenses were known as the world's first photochromatic "smart lens" technology, adapting to varying light conditions via properties that were infused into the glass - not a coating that will wear out or wear off. Tell Me More

VS3224: Vintage Vuarnet 002 sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design c 1980s, with a size and shape that's made them enduringly popular with both men and women for over 30 years. In this gloss black variation of the 002, we think you'll agree Vuarnet hit on one of the very best frame and lens color combinations they ever produced. The Vuarnet Nautilux lens is a yellow base lens with brown and anti-reflective interior coatings and eye catching double gradient blue exterior filters. Tell Me More

VS3225: Vintage Ray-Ban Tortuga General sunglasses are one of the most beautiful of all vintage Ray-Bans and here featuring equally rare 62mm B-15 top gradient mirror lenses, a frame and lens combination that collectors and fashion aficiandos the world over keep coming back to Vintage Sunglasses Shop checking our often sold out stock. The "General" brow bar was originally designed to improve the balance of the sunglasses on the face, and the Tortuga variation is found in only very small quantities. Tell Me More

VS3226: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5623A 41 sunglasses feature a gold plated frame and interchangeable brown gradient, gray, and very rare tricolor lenses in the smallest of the vintage Carrera Porsche Design interchangeable lens styles and very hard to find. Tell Me More

VS3227: Vintage Gargoyles Sienna sunglasses are reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers but have that distinctive early Gargoyles look in this style which rivaled Gargoyles Legends as the most popular of all vintage Gargoyles. The hand made Italian tortoise shell frame has a translucence you don't find in cheaper eyewear, and the high quality optics and gold highlights really round out the look perfect for casual up to the most formal occasions. Tell Me More

VS3228: Vintage Cazal 642 sunglasses are an icon of 20th century design but are today very hard to find with original frame and lenses in a condition that meets our extremely high condition standards. But it's not often that a reproduction of a vintage style even when produced by the original maker gets our attention, but we have to say these Cazal 642 624 managed to do it. The distinctive design of the Cazal 642 is readily apparent. Tell Me More

VS3229: Vintage Carrera 5401 92 sunglasses are one of the most beautiful styles of sunglasses ever produced by Carrera, a unique Carrera interpretation of vintage aviator sunglasses but with a lot more design flair and manufacturing expertise. Note the mix of gold and enamal of the brow bar and front frame, a trick manufacturing process, as well as the rare purple gradient lenses that combine with this unique frame to form one of the most popular of all vintage Carrera sunglasses styles. Tell Me More

VS3230: Vintage Ray-Ban W1905 Gatsby Style 1 sunglasses are one of your smallest frame options for vintage Bausch & Lomb Diamond Hard lenses, and we think you'll agree the tortoise shell W1905 Gatsby Style 1 is a perfect complement for the highly reflective Diamond Hard lenses. Vintage B&L Ray-Ban Diamond Hard lenses featured an innovative - and quite expensive to produce - Bausch & Lomb scratch-protection system which created a lens surface of amorphous diamond 10x more resistant to scratching than ordinary glass. Tell Me More

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