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VS081: Vintage Revo 3010 089 sunglasses feature unique, Art Deco inspired styling with the precise horizontal etching on the ear stems creating the sleek streamlined effect. For unparalleled optics that look great with this frame you also get Revo blue mirror H20 polarized lenses which pick up hues of red and purple in the sunlight. The frame shape is a subtle wrap design to more closely follow the contours of the face. Tell Me More

VS082: Vintage Giorgio Armani 649 944 sunglasses are an uniquely shaped, eclectic Giorgio Armani interpretation of classic tortoise shell sunglasses. You'll love the vaguely square shape but with rounded corners to soften the look all done in a gleaming Armani tortoise shell frame. Also note the bronze nose bridge and particularly interesting front hinges that wrap around the corner and then transition back to a translucent tortoise shell ear stem. Tell Me More

VS083: Vintage Revo 1110 001 Circle sunglasses feature highly reflective blue mirror lenses and tortoise shell ear stems, a more circular lens shape versus its companion Revo 962 001 sunglasses with their oval blue mirror lenses. The sleek black metal front frame is a nice complement for the blue mirror lenses, and with the always desirable tortoise shell ear stems Revo 1110 sunglasses have remained one of the most popular vintage styles now for over 30 years. Tell Me More

VS084: Vintage Revo 3041 080 sunglasses feature a sleek, stylish chrome frame coupled with highly reflective Revo P H20 stealth mirror lenses that will also pick up hues of red and purple out in the sunlight. The Revo 3041 frame has a thin profile design, and note how the Revo logo is set in a geometric depression in the chrome ear stem that really gives it a clean and elegant look. Tell Me More

VS085: VIntage Giorgio Armani 258-S 1082 sunglasses feature a tortoise shell front frame holding the lenses coupled with a gleaming chrome band to hold it all together and extending to the chrome ear stems that each feature the Giorgio Armani logo impressed in the metal near the spring loaded hinges. The Armani 258 line is one of our favorite Armani designs, and while there are several variations on the style we think it's hard to beat the eye catching frame and lens combination of the Armani 258 1082. Tell Me More

VS086: Vintage Revo sunglasses 860 001 with purple mirror lens are hard to find, and they feature a black matte frame made in France that nicely complements the highly reflective purple Revo lens. The nose pads are imbedded in the black matte French frame, so you get the comfort of a nice celluloid nose pad that doesn't detract from the clean, retro lines of these stylish vintage sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS087: Vintage Ray-Ban Diamond Hard 62mm shooters are an amazing and rare example of the very finest of Bausch & Lomb production of Ray-Ban sunglasses leading up to the brand's sale to Luxottica in 1998. The B&L Ray-Ban B&L Diamond Hard lenses feature a scratch-protection system which creates a lens surface of amorphous diamond that is 10 times more resistant to scratching than ordinary glass. Tell Me More

VS088: Vintage Giorgio Armani 631 829 sunglasses are one of the most popular styles ever produced by Giorgio Armani, a rare yellow tortoise shell frame that is so translucent it seems to glow and contrasted with a black metal band that wraps each lens and forms the nose bridge and each of the etched metal hinges. The width of the tortoise shell around the lens is also quite striking, a unique Armani design that screams out class and demands attention. Tell Me More

VS089: If you want a style of vintage Revos that are perfect for active outdoor activity but basic black bores you and the extreme design of Oakleys isn't for you, check out the very rare Revo 963 018 vintage sunglasses. The frame is a very subtly mottled dark blue that looks fantastic when paired with the blue mirrored lens. Tell Me More

VS090: Rare Revo 962 010 stealth mirror sunglasses feature one of the coolest looks and color combination of any vintage sunglasses design regardless of manufacturer. The stealth blue mirrored lens measure approximately 2.0" x 1.75" at the widest points and are highly reflective, giving your eyes complete privacy along with 100% UV protection. The black metal frame and black ear stems are a cool complement to the stealth mirrored lenses which pick up plenty of hues of purple, blue, and red in different light situations. Tell Me More

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