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VS2771: Vintage Ray-Ban W0892 Wayfarer Limited Edition sunglasses are the original style everyone wants, and here's a very low production variant that we think is among the most beautiful Wayfarers ever produced. The richly colored frame is unique and eye catching, and this rare limited edition frame looks great with the Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare mineral glass lenses. You'll find the Ray-Ban logo in raised metal relief on each ear stem - one of the first Wayfarers to incorporate this design. Tell Me More

VS2772: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5626 folding sunglasses feature the very hard to find gold plated frame with brown gradient lens, the flagship in the iconic Porsche Carrera 5626 line of folding sunglasses c 1980s. They fold up to a package not much larger than a single lens, incredibly convenient when you're out and about and don't want the bulk of a full size sunglasses case. The gold plated Austrian frame is sleek and cool, a perfect color combination for the brown gradient Porsche Carrera lenses. Tell Me More

VS2773: Vintage Persol 58412 sunglasses feature a subtle wrap design that will contour a little more closely to the face to provide added glare protection from the sides - plus they look cool! Both ear stems feature the pins of the Persol Meflecto system but these are the distinctive cuved pins versus the more common straight pins. The Persol Meflecto system produced at their famous Ratti manufacturing facility inserts metal pins into the ear stems to provide flex and unprecedented comfort. Tell Me More

VS2774: Vintage Giorgio Armani 653 706 sunglasses feature a beautiful and hard to find matte black front frame and ear stems, but the real stars of the show are the very rare Armani blue mirror mineral glass lenses that were made in only very small quantities and thus very difficult to find in vintage Armanis. The encased black ebony ear stems add extra design flair from the sides. Tell Me More

VS2775: Vintage Giorgio Armani 672 1100 sunglasses feature the much desired honey tortoise Italian frame and ear stems that really look great with all skin tones along with brown Armani mineral glass lenses. The thicker than norm front frame of the 672 is a distinctive Armani design trait. Tell Me More

VS2776: Vintage Carrera 5593 11 sunglasses are high performance ski sunglasses that are also equally at home at even the most formal of occasions, featuring a cool tortoise shell front frame, gold plated ear stems, and highly reflective Carrera double gradient mirror lenses. One of Carrera's best known designs and a must have for any Carrera aficionado! Tell Me More

VS2777: Vintage Persol 58230 Patent sunglasses feature the rare two tone version of this iconic Persol wrap design, a style made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger  in the movie Terminator 2. The subtle wrap shape of the frame allows it to contour more closely to the face, creating a unique look but also providing extra protection from wind and glare from the sides. These Persol Ratti 58230 sunglasses were produced in Persol's Ratti manufactury reserved for their highest quality production. Tell Me More

VS2778: Vintage Persol 800 sunglasses feature a gleaming black ebony frame produced in Persol's Ratti manufactury reserved for their highest quality production along with the Meflecto system unique to vintage Persol sunglasses. The Persol Meflecto system system consists of tiny cylinders inserted by a craftsman process into the ear stems to render them flexible, thereby assuring maximum comfort and snugness of fit. Tell Me More

VS2779: Vintage Persol 58172 Campione sunglasses feature a beautiful orange tortoise shell frame in a style and shape reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers but with that unmistakable Italian design flair. While stunning to look at, Persol 58172 sunglasses also offer superior performance thanks to the Persol Meflecto system system wherein tiny cylinders - the rare curved cylinders in the case of these Persol Ratti 58172 sunglasses - are inserted by a craftsman process into the ear stems. Tell Me More

VS2780: Vintage Persol Mochino M253 sunglasses are the royalty of eyewear, and with the deluxe jewels on the side of the sunglasses they stand out in any crowd! You've probably never seen another pair of sunglasses like these, notable for the huge cut rhinestone crystals that decorate both ear stems and in this very rare black version made even more famous when they were worn by Lady Gaga. Tell Me More

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