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VS2271: Vintage Ray-Ban W1093 Fashion Metals Style III sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design, with uniquely shaped lenses that combine angles and curves to create a comfortable yet eye catching profile on the face. Ray-Ban Fashion Metals take basic conceps introduced by other B&L Ray-Ban lines, in this case the Ray-Ban Explorer, and then add new and interesting features - in this case the shape - that ensure you'll get questions and compliments most every time you wear them. Tell Me More

VS2272: Vintage Ray-Ban W1718 Asbury Bonneville Rectangle sunglasses feature a rich, deep tortoise shell frame in a unique shape that's another in the line of Ray-Ban Asbury sunglasses that have stood the test of time over the years. We suppose they give you a bit of a prep school look in some situations, but nobody is going to mistake the unique shape of the Ray-Ban W1718 Asbury Rectangle for common drug and department store sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS2273: Vintage Ray-Ban L2870 Balorama sunglasses are the gloss black version of iconic Ray-Ban Balorama sunglasses, a subtle wrap design that still has plenty of curves and angles to make them easily stand out in a crowd. The shape of the Balorama has always been popular for both its looks and its comfort, and the B&L G-15 anti-glare lenses are a perfect complement for the high gloss black frame. Tell Me More

VS2274: Vintage Ray-Ban W2174 Sidestreet Skyline sunglasse feature the rare color variation of red glitter frame with Bausch & Lomb gold mirror lenses in one of the best high performance wrap sunglasses styles ever produced by B&L Ray-Ban. The highly reflective gold mirror lenses were produced in only small quantities by Bausch & Lomb so you won't see them very often, and the subtle wrap design of the Ray-Ban Sidestreet Sideline gives your eyes added protection from the sides. Tell Me More

VS2275: Collectors and fashion aficionados are always looking for large round antique sunglasses that are authentic to the period c 1930s and not cheap reproductions of the vintage style. That's what you have here, a beautiful example of a matte silver frame, large round light gray glass lenses, and shooter ear stems for the most secure fit possible in all conditions. Tell Me More

VS2276: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design Leathers sunglasses were only available as a special order and only sold in the finest, most upscale optical shops during the late 1980s. You'll love the intricately woven black leather that surrounds the titanium silver front frame and both ear pads, but to make this set extra special you also get a very rare set of silver mirror lenses as one of your two interchangeable lens sets to go with a set of gray-green lenses. Tell Me More

VS2277: Vintage Versace Perspectives 402 sunglasses c early 1980s were one of the first styles of sunglasses designed and produced by Gianni Versace, with a thick black top accent that was as distinctive in the 1980s as it is today. The gloss black top accent and ear stems look great with the brown Versace lenses, one of only two variations in the original Perspectives line and frequently seen on celebrities and in fashion magazines of the 1980s. Tell Me More

VS2278: Vintage Versace Mod S01 Col 740 sunglasses c early 1980s were the flagship model of the very first style collection introduced when Versace began producing sunglasses, and the S01 set the standard for over the top eye catching design that remains a hallmark of Versace sunglasses to this day. You'll love the combination of dark tortoise shell and gold plate in the innovative S01 styling, a combination of curves, angles, and thicker than normal ear stems. Tell Me More

VS2279: Vintage Versace Basix Mod 809 Col 691 sunglasses c early 1990s feature a stunning array of rhinestones, not just on the side but also continuing onto the top of the ear stem, and this was the very first style in which Gianni Versace incorporated rhinestones into his sunglasses design. The thick and tapered ear stems make the perfect backdrop for the cluster of rhinestones, and the front frame shape is reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Onyx sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS2280: Vintage Alpina M1/8 sunglasses were a very low production, high end variant of the iconic Alpina M1 that adds a rare Tortuga tortoise shell top accent to the classic racing design of the M1. Always popular as a variation of the classic shape for a more stylish, elegant look, the Alpina M1/8 line substitutes the gold or black banding for the colorful variation here only found with the 8 designation. Along with the eye catching Tortuga, you also get Alpina blue gradient lenses. Tell Me More

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