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VS2611: Vintage Persol Samba sunglasses are one of the most distinctive and highly sought after of all vintage persol styles, produced in only very small quantities and mostly carried by optical shops only as a special order. It's hard to even know where to begin - with the rare Persol blue mirror lenses or with the great yellow tortoise shell ear stems with superb color shadings. This is one of the most popular Persol styles of the 1990s and remain one of the most highly sought after of all vintage Persols. Tell Me More

VS2612: Vintage Persol 58244 sunglasses feature a black ebony frame produced at the famous Ratti manufactury, a style reminiscent of vintage B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses but with the unique flexibility of the Persol Meflecto system. Persol Ratti 58244 sunglasses definitely have a unique shape, but this is one of the few vintage Persol styles where the Meflecto system cylinders are curved, a great design feature that's also the means by which Persol Meflecto Ratti sunglasses provide flexibility in the ear stems for the most perfect fit possible. Tell Me More

VS2613: Vintage Persol Sport 40423 sunglasses feature a sleek, matte brown frame, a style and shape reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses but with unmistakable Persol Italian style. The unique matte brown frame with light - dark shadings is a perfect color complement for the classic Persol brown mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS2614: Vintage Persol 830 sunglasses feature a beautiful yellow tortoise shell frame that it seems only the Italians can do properly, combined with the fine optical quality inherent in original Persol brown mineral glass lenses. Persol 830 sunglasses are a little more rounded than many vintage Persol styles, softening the more angular look in other models and complementing a variety of face sizes and shapes. These Persol Ratti 830 sunglasses incorporate the Meflecto system unique to vintage Persols. Tell Me More

VS2615: Vintage Vuarnet 085 Outdoorsman sunglasses feature cable "shooter" ear stems for the most secure fit possible in all conditions, a durable blue nylon frame, and Vuarnet PX-5000 brown mineral glass lenses that all come together into this high performance pair of sunglasses in the iconic Vuarnet 085 line. The durable French nylon frame is made to stand up to the rigors of active outdoor pursuits, and the Vuarnet PX 5000 lens is a special purpose brown-based lens designed for use at high elevations. Tell Me More

VS2616: Vintage Vuarnet Skilynx 438 sunglasses feature the rare black marble Vuarnet 438 frame, one of the most beautiful French frames ever produced, coupled with Vuarnet's famous PX-2000 brown mineral glass lenses. The black marble frame is a great combination of black, gray, and white hues, and the gold accent band around the lower portion of the lenses is the perfect complement. Tell Me More

VS2617: Vintage Vuarnet 2408 sunglasses feature a striking mottled gray frame with subtle color shadings that looks great with the Vuarnet PX-4000 Skilynx double gradient mirror lenses in this very popular style. The legendary Vuarnet Skilynx lens eliminates glare and reflection, enhances contrast and depth of field, and is widely known as the essential lens for in the mountains and at sea. The Skilynx lens blocks nearly all of the violet and blue light, thus reducing glare and eye strain. Tell Me More

VS2618: Vintage Vuarnet Skilynx 003 sunglasses feature a durable white French nylon frame with removable center insert that's rugged enough for even the most extreme outdoor sports and activities coupled with Vuarnet's amazing Skilynx double gradient mirror lenses. Vuarnet PX-4000 Skilynx lenses are an amber-yellow base mineral glass lens with anti-reflective interior coatings and double gradient silver exterior filters. Tell Me More

VS2619: Vintage Vuarnet 027 glacier glasses feature a rare red nylon frame that won't stick to your skin even in the most extreme cold conditions coupled with brown leather side blinkers to protect your eyes from the sides and Vuarnet Skilynx double gradient mirror lenses.  Vuarnet PX-4000 Skilynx lenses are an amber-yellow base mineral glass lens with anti-reflective interior coatings and double gradient silver exterior filters. Tell Me More

VS2620: Vintage Vuarnet 206 ORB Skilynx sunglasses were one of the low production styles in the Vuarnet luxury line of the 1990s which featured 24k gold plating and high end designs that exuded elegance for more formal occasions versus their traditional high performance lines associated with active outdoor pursuits. Note the details of the finely crafted frame such as the combination polished and matte gold finishes at the center V nose bridge, a design feature also used in iconic Vuarnet 085 sunglasses. Tell Me More

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