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VS2041: Vintage Ray-Ban W2390 Orbs Combo Ellipse sunglasses are a rare, low production variant of the iconic Ray-Ban Orbs sunglasses with a translucent Crystal Frost frame combined with matte silver ear stems and highly reflective B&L G-15 silver flash mirror lenses. Ray-Ban Orbs were one of the first high performance sports sunglasses introduced into the market, and one of their more distinctive design characteristics are the twisting metal ear stems with a cut out S - hard to manufacture but eye catching. Tell Me More

VS2042: Vintage Ray-Ban W2857 New Gatsby Oval sunglasses feature the exposed spring hinges unique to this low production line of Ray-Ban Gatsby sunglasses, something that immediately draws the eye as much as the tortoise shell ear stems and matte silver frame. Note the intricate and precise frame etching that exudes high quality manufacturing and something you very seldom see in today's sunglasses styles. Tell Me More

VS2043: Vintage Versace S70 16L Medusa sunglasses are a design explosion of the highest degree, with black ebony ear stems providing the perfect complement to the gleaming gold plated front frame and hinges. The front frame lenses are surrounded by a thin band of ebony for additional design flair, but the real stars of the show are the Medusa head Versace logos on each temple that are precisely and finely detailed and enhanced by the use of black enamel paint as background for the gold Medusa. Tell Me More

VS2044: Vintage Revo 3045 081 K1 sunglasses feature a sleek copper frame and elegant styling, but the real stars of the show are the Revo brown mineral glass top gradient mirror H20 polarized lenses. A flash mirror coating is applied to the top half of the lens to give you added glare protection from the anti-reflective properties of the mirror, complementing the polarization and making these a real high performance lens style. Tell Me More

VS2045: Vintage Revo 1105 010 sunglasses are one of the smaller styles ever produced during the golden years of Revo, with a beautifully etched matte gold frame and highly reflective and rare Revo green mirror lenses. Not quite as small as the Revo 1104 or 1106, the 1105 is a nice balance in between that will give you the John Lennon look but with a lot more design flair made possible by the green mirror mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS2046: Vintage Ray-Ban bullet hole shooter sunglasses feature the early light green Bausch & Lomb RB-3 lenses, far less common than the darker B&L G-15 lenses first introduced a few years after the Shade 3 lens. The iconic Ray-Ban bullet hole shooter frame has stood the test of time since their introduction in the 1950s, designed to improve the balance of the sunglasses on the face and adopted immediately by hunters and skeet shooters the world over for both the design and the superior optical properties. Tell Me More

VS2047: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5658 48 sunglasses feature Carrera brown gradient lenses in the rare 5658 Tortuga frame, a beautiful and colorful variation of tortoise shell that's sure to attract attention and compliments. Our buyers always comment about the comfort of the uniquely designed nose bridge, with the 2 black and gold lower bars suspended and flexing from the stationary upper gold bar for the most flexible and perfect fit imaginable. Tell Me More

VS2048: Vintage Serengeti DR 6499 Sea Hawk sunglasses are one of the most popular of all vintage Serengeti styles, with this variation being the lovely matte bronze frame with gold plate on both ear stems where the Serengeti logo is impressed. Serengeti Sea Hawk sunglasses have a classic size and shape that make them perfect for both formal and casual occasions, and the high quality mineral glass lenses give you optical quality that clearly differentiates them from the vast majority of sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS2049: Vintage Serengeti DR 6503 Kestral sunglasses are a unique Serengeti interpretation of classic aviator sunglasses but with a lot more design flair embodied in the intricately etched gold frame and the sexy curves of the Serengeti mineral glass lenses. Serengeti Kestral sunglasses were one of the best selling styles of vintage Serengetis c 1990s, popular as both men's and women's sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS2050: Vintage Serengeti DR 6313 Small Wickets sunglasses from the Serengeti Drivers series are the slightly smaller version of the iconic Serengeti Wickets, a sleek and high performance frame design popular with race car drivers and sportsmen the world over. Of course, you also get the high quality optics made possible by the Corning Optics mineral glass lenses which were the first photochromatic, all weather lenses designed specifically for the demands of driving. Tell Me More

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