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VS091: Vintage Ray-Ban Super Changeables bullet hole shooter sunglasses feature the bullet hole shooter design to improve balance on the face and cable wire Outdoorsman ear stems for the most secure fit possible. That being said, the stars of the show are the Bausch & Lomb Super Changeables PhotoSun lenses that react to the sun's brightness to protect your eyes. Ray-Ban Changeables sunglasses incorporate these innovative Bausch & Lomb photochromatic lenses that react to the sun's brightness. Tell Me More

VS092: Vintage Giorgio Armani 633 832 tortoise shell sunglasses are unisex in design and perfect for everything from casual to the most formal of occasions. Aside from the very desirable tortoise shell front frame and ear stems, note the contrast of the gold nose bridge and the intricately etched gold hinges that add plenty of extra design flair. Tell Me More

VS093: Vintage Revo 1126 011 Rattler sunglasses feature an intricately crafted vertically and deeply etched silver gunmetal frame coupled with Revo top of the line stealth mirror lenses as the perfect color and fashion complement. While predominantly light blue in color, these stealth mirrored lenses pick up plenty of hues of purple and red also in the sunlight. Original vintage Revo lenses from this period used anti-reflective mirrored coatings pioneered in the NASA space program in what became generally recognized as the finest consumer mirrored lenses ever made. Tell Me More

VS094: If you enjoy the combination of tortoise shell and purple lens in your sunglasses like we do here at Vintage Designer Sunglasses, then we feel certain you'll like the hard to find vintage Revo 974 008 sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS095: Vintage Revo 1112 001 Rectangle sunglasses feature Revo rounded rectangle blue mirror lenses and tortoise shell stems complemented by a matte black nose bridge and hinges, one of the rarest and most sought after styles of vintage Revos. Revo 1112 sunglasses were one of the most popular Revo styles during the golden years of Revo mid 1980s - 1998 when the company was sold to Luxottica and everything changed. Tell Me More

VS096: Vintage Revo 1107 001 Cobra sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design, with the precise and intricately etched vertical etching in the black metal frame decorating the nose bridge and both ear stems of the 1107. And with the Revo 1107 001, you also get Revo's highly reflective blue mirror lenses that will also pick up color hues of red and purple out in the sunlight and look great with the black chrome frame. Tell Me More

VS097: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5621 90 sunglasses with interchangeable lenses will be instantly recognizable as the most desired and popular fashion accessory among the cool crowd in the 1980s and 1990s, popularity that continues today with reproductions of this iconic original style but not coming anywhere close to the quality of these original Porsche Carreras. You'll recognize the style from the original Beverly Hills Cop movie - in fact the studio bought over 50 pairs of vintage Carrera Porsche Design sunglasses from us to give at gifts at the movie's 25th anniversary party! Tell Me More

VS098: Oliver Peoples sunglasses are quite clearly of very high quality, but if you're like us you prefer the more classic styles and unique Oliver Peoples interpretations to much of their current production which is looking more and more like over the top Versace and Chanel. Tell Me More

VS099: Vintage Revo 1109 011 Ellipse sunglasses feature gunmetal pewter hinges and front frame along with matte black ear stems and highly reflective Revo stealth mirror lenses. Uniquely shaped in an elongated variation of classic aviator sunglasses, Revo combines their magnificent pewter Italian frame with the stealth mirror lens that picks up plenty of hues of blue and red out in the sunlight, a color combination that just can't be beat. Tell Me More

VS100: Vintage Revo 987 011 sunglasses from the Revo Traveler Collection c 1980s are Revo's elaborate take on vintage aviator sunglasses and clearly a smashing success. The Revo 987 pewter frame is intricately etched at the temples and across the nose bridge, and they incorporate 2 nose bridge bars as is common in aviators but Revo designed their top bar to be extremely thin and arched upward much more than in Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. Tell Me More

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