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VS3041: Vintage Persol Sport 40342 41 sunglasses are arguably the single hardest to find style among any of the iconic Persol Sport series, special edition sunglasses produced which incorporated more exotic and elaborate design and colors than the more typically subdued Persol styles in black and tortoise shell. Here you get the eye catching color combination of a durable, high performance black front frame with pink ear stems, sure to turn heads every time you wear them out. Tell Me More

VS3042: Vintage Versace S38 07M sunglasses are a design explosion sure to attract attention and compliments most every time you wear them. The distinctive design includes a gleaming gold plated frame with thin Tortuga tortoise shell accent band, trademark Greek key pattern coupled with tortoise shell on the ear stems, and of course the famous Versace Medusa head to round out the elegant and stylish look. Tell Me More

VS3043: Vintage Oakley E Wire 2.1 sunglasses feature a sleek and elegant black chrome frame coupled with Oakley Black Iridium lenses which all combine for a great look in this icon of modern sunglasses design. The Oakley E-Wire frame is comprised of 5 distinct metal alloys, and the Oakley Black Iridium lenses are formed from plutonite which blocks 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays along with a blast of 12 microns of Iridium that balances light transmission and reduces glare. Tell Me More

VS3044: Vintage Oakley E-Wire Titanium sunglasses are one of the top designs ever produced by Oakley, with subtle wrap style E Wire titanium frame and the Oakley stylized brand name impressed on the front nose bridge. Titanium is one of the strongest and lightest metals known to man, used for advanced technologies such as satellites (and Oakley Titanium sunglass frames). Oakley Titanium E Wire sunglasses were produced in only small quantities in a limited number of frame and lens combinations. Tell Me More

VS3045: Vintage Oakley Nanowire 1.0 sunglasses feature a strong yet lightweight design for which this low production style is known, high performance sunglasses that are both rimless and feather light but still stand up to the rigor of active outdoor pursuits. While designed for high performance, Oakley Nanowire sunglasses are equally at home at even the most formal of occasions where their sleek design elements are sure to stand out in a crowd. Tell Me More

VS3046: Vintage Oakley Straight Jacket sunglasses feature the hard to find Rootbeer frame and highly reflective Oakley Gold Iridium lenses. This is a particularly eye catching frame and lens combination in an Oakley style line already known for some of their best known designs. Tell Me More

VS3047: Vintage Oakley Zero .4 square sunglasses were produced in only small quantities, a unique design that combines a rimless bottom lens design with sleek and muscular ear stems, here in this variation in an eye catching shade of green. It all looks great together, a sleek, strong, yet lightweight design that builds upon the high performance and high style for which Oakley has always been known. Don't miss the super comfortable nose pad design of the vintage Oakley Zero. Tell Me More

VS3048: Vintage Oakley Straight Jacket sunglasses feature an Oakley gunmetal frame with orange flame decorations on both temples and ear stems, a sleek high performance look that's a perfect complement for the highly reflective Oakley Ruby Iridium lenses. This limited edition style of the Oakley Straight Jacket has been highly sought after since its introduction, and the Ruby Iridium lenses are noted the world over for their ability to pick up color hues of yellow, orange, and red out in the sunlight. Tell Me More

VS3049: Vintage Vuarnet 438 sunglasses are reminiscent of B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarer Max sunglasses but with that distinctive French design flair and amazing Vuarnet PX-3000 green mineral glass lenses. The Vuarnet PX 3000 lens is a true-color lens with an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare, known for their perfect balance between comfort and protection. The top tortoise shell top accent and ear stems make a perfect color contrast with the gold plated lower front frame and the PX-3000 lenses. Tell Me More

VS3050: Vintage Vuarnet 085 Skilynx Outdoorsman sunglasses feature the distinctive Vuarnet 085 durable nylon frame with the center V cut out, one of the most unique and identifiable styles ever produced by Vuarnet and with the added security of the "shooter" ear stems for the most active of conditions. The Vuarnet 085 frame is instantly recognizable as Vuarnet with the center V, and there's no better color combination than the blue nylon 085 frame coupled with top of the line Vuarnet PX-4000 Skilynx double gradient mirror lenses. Tell Me More

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