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VS1171: Vintage Ray-Ban L1597 CATS 2000 Changeable Rose sunglasses are one of the rarest of all vintage Ray-Ban styles, with a flash full mirror coating applied to the front of the already rare Bausch & Lomb Changeable Rose lenses. These highly reflective Changeable Rose mirrored lenses use the combination of the front mirror filters to reflect glare along with the photochromatic properties of B&L Changeables lenses for the ultimate in high performance eye protection. Tell Me More

VS1172: Vintage Ray-Ban Z0241 CATS Changeable Rose sunglasses feature the very hard to find Rose Changeables photochromatic lenses that look terrific set against the white ivory CATS frame. The Bausch & Lomb Changeable Rose lenses are photochromatic, darkening in the sunlight and thus adapting to varying light conditions but always retaining the beautiful rose / pink hues of color. Tell Me More

VS1173: Vintage Ray-Ban 58mm Kalichrome General sunglasses feature 58mm yellow Kalichrome 58mm lenses set in a classic aviator style frame with "The General" brow bar and traditional paddle ear stems. The B&L Kalichrome lenses are famous worldwide for their ability to intensify and enhance the visual spectrum, and sporting enthusiasts and pilots everywhere swear by these glasses when in challenging visibility situations. Tell Me More

VS1174: Vintage Ray-Ban W1203 CATS 1000 sunglasses feature a matte brown frame made of durable nylon, rugged enough to sports and active outdoor pursuits but elegant enough to wear to even the most formal of occasions. The Bausch & Lomb B-15 lenses do an unparalleled job screeing out blue light to reduce glare and enhance color contrast in all light conditions. Tell Me More

VS1175: Vintage Ray-Ban W2836 Sidestreet 1998 sunglasses feature a sleek black frame in the classic Sidestreet 1998 size and shape, popular as men's and women's sunglasses ever since they were first introduced in the mid 1990s. The gloss black Sidestreet frame looks great with original Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses, and the oval lens shape complements a wide variety of facial shapes and skin tones. Tell Me More

VS1176: Classic B&L Ray-Ban W2053 tortoise shell Wayfarer sunglasses combine the original Ray-Ban tortoise shell shading with B&L green G-15 lenses for a super look that's stood the test of time. It's a style and combination made famous in movies from the 1970s and 1980s like Dirty Dancing, and trust us that there is absolutely no comparison between original Bausch & Lomb W2053 tortoise shell Wayfarers and the ones made today by Luxottica. Tell Me More

VS1177: Vintage Ray-Ban L0287 CATS 1000 sunglasses are one of the few CATS designs to offer shooter ear stems that wrap around the ears to provide the most secure fit possible for sports and the most active conditions. The muted brown frame looks great with the iconic Bausch & Lomb G-15 mineral glass lenses, and it's made of durable and flexible nylon to add to the high performance design of the Ray-Ban CATS 1000. Tell Me More

VS1178: Vintage Ray-Ban W0980 Classic Collection III sunglasses feature unique rounded hexagonal Bausch & Lomb G-15 lenses and the distinctive Arista etching around the perimeter of the B&L gold plated frame and across the nose bridge. This is a unique lens shape guaranteed to generate questions and compliments, and it's a perfect size for both men's and women's sunglasses. The top of the line Arista gold plating looks great with the green G-15 anti-glare lenses. Tell Me More

VS1179: Vintage Ray-Ban W2388 Orbs sunglasses are one of the earliest true sports wrap sunglasses ever produced c early 1990s, and even today they have some distinctive design qualities that you won't find on any other brand of high performance sunglasses. To start, check out the curved ear stems that are designed to contour with the shape of your face and the large rubber ear pads give you both comfort and resist sweating and slipping in active conditions. Tell Me More

VS1180: Vintage Ray-Ban W2005 Chaos Round sunglasses is one of the most beautiful designs Bausch & Lomb ever produced during their 60 years of ownership and development of the Ray-Ban brand. We love the large and exposed gold hinges of the Chaos, and the thin band of tortoise shell that surrounds the front lenses complements the tortoise shell ear stems and adds plenty of extra design flair. Tell Me More

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