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VS2251: Vintage Carrera 5401 40 sunglasses are one of the most beautiful styles of sunglasses ever produced by Carrera, a unique Carrera interpretation of vintage aviator sunglasses but with a lot more design flair and manufacturing expertise. Note the textured surface of the brow bar, and of course the rare blue gradient lenses combine with this unique frame to form one of the most popular of all vintage sunglasses styles. Tell Me More

VS2252: Vintage Carrera Boeing Collection 5709 90 sunglasses feature a sleek, racing inspired matte black carbon fiber frame, a durable and high performance housing for the striking Carrera blue gradient lenses that form the perfect color complement. The joint venture in branding between Boeing and Carrera in the 1990s produced some superb sunglasses that combined the design expertise of both companies in styles that exude speed and performance. Tell Me More

VS2253: Vintage Carrera 5544 96 ski sunglasses are one of the best looking examples of ski and snowboard eyewear of all time, a matte black frame with turquoise accent striping that's a really eye catching color combination. A woven turquoise and black neck strap is also detachable and inserts into slots on each ear pad to give you total security when wearing these Carrera glacier glasses in active outdoor conditions like skiing. Tell Me More

VS2254: Vintage Carrera 5434 90 sunglasses feature a high strength matte black carbon fiber frame with exposed gold screws like you find on vintage Alpina M1 sunglasses, a low production and highly sought after Carrera style from the 1990s. Carrera's C-Vision 400 lenses combine light weight and high performance, made of the advanced material optyl that allowed Carrera to first make oversized aviator style sunglasses in the late 1980s that would have been prohibitively heavy in glass. Tell Me More

VS2255: Vintage Carrera 86 830JD sunglasses feature a sleek, inspired interpretation of classic aviator sunglasses but with lots more design flair in a style that was also offered as part of the Carrera Boeing Collection. The gleaming gold plated frame and nose bridge combine with the Carrera brown gradient optyl lenses as seen on their 5621 and 5623 interchangeable lens styles to give you a pair of sunglasses sure to generate questions and compliments. Tell Me More

VS2256: Vintage Carrera Boeing Collection 5701 40 sunglasses have been seen on Hollywood celebrities over the years including Al Pacino, combining a gleaming gold plated frame with amber Carrera optyl lenses for a look that's hard to beat. The joint venture in branding between Boeing and Carrera in the 1990s produced some superb sunglasses that combined the design expertise of both companies in styles that exude speed and performance. Tell Me More

VS2257: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5641 52 sunglasses feature a super cool multi color frame with most all the hues of the rainbow, and we think you'll like the rounded rectangular shape of the Carrera 5641 which were produced in far smaller quantities than the companion oval style Carrera 5658 sunglasses. Done miss the close ups of the many colors and patterns in this unique frame style in the Porsche Carrera line. Tell Me More

VS2258: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5623A 42 sunglasses feature the rare Tortuga frame variation of Porsche Carrera sunglasses, much less seldom seen than gold, matte black, or silver and gold, and the 5623A frame size is slightly smaller than the 5623 and perfect for men and women with a smaller face size who would ordinarily have trouble wearing the larger versions of the 5623. Of course you get 2 complete sets of interchangeable lenses, easily replaced by lifting the center hinge. Tell Me More

VS2259: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5626 folding sunglasses are a rare color and lens color variation in the iconic Porsche Carrera 5626 line of folding sunglasses c 1980s. They fold up to a package not much larger than a single lens, incredibly convenient when you're out and about and don't want the bulk of a full size sunglasses case. The matte silver Austrian frame is sleek and cool, and you won't see many Porsche Design gray gradient lenses which look terrific with this frame color. Tell Me More

VS2260: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5628 90 folding sunglasses are an engineering marvel of the late 1980s and very early 1990s, folding down to a size not much larger than a single lens. Porsche Carrera 5628 sunglasses have a slightly different shape and were produced in much smaller quantities than the other 2 folding Carreras of this period, the Porsche Design 5622 and 5626 styles. Tell Me More

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