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VS451: Vintage Ray-Ban W2173 Style VI Predator sunglasses were one of the first high performance sports sunglasses produced by Bausch & Lomb, with matte black Predator composite frame and famous B&L G-15 lenses. Tell Me More

VS452: Beautiful Ray-Ban W0964 Explorer sunglasses from the Classic Metals line feature a 24k gold plated Arista frame, pearlized General brow bar, and classic 58mm B&L G-15 lenses. Ray-Ban Explorer sunglasses remain popular 35 years after their introduction because the shape is a natural fit for a wide variety of men's and women's faces. Tell Me More

VS453: Vintage Ray-Ban Rituals W2790 Blue Ice sunglasses have a distinctive look that combines ice blue with black in this two tone frame. It's a great look, and we like the rounded sides that function as small side blinkers analogous to what you'd find in glacier glasses. Tell Me More

VS454: Vintage Ray-Ban L1708 Tortuga 62mm aviator sunglasses from the Large Metals / Classic Metals line are one of the most popular frame styles ever produced by Bausch & Lomb - and with good reason. The Tortuga finish, with gold shading to red around the entire perimeter of the frame, is what really stands out. It's all done with enamel on metal, and in this case a 24k gold plated Arista frame. Tell Me More

VS455: Vintage Ray-Ban W2645 Sidestreet Mondo Oval sunglasses in a brown nickel frame have the look of gleaming copper, and it looks superb with the iconic Bausch & Lomb B-15 high color contrast lenses. Ray-Ban W2645 Sidestreet sunglasses feature a subtle wrap design, but they're not too extreme and are perfectly suited for both casual and formal occasions along with active high performance sports. Tell Me More

VS456: Vintage Ray-Ban W2193 Sidestreet Gridlock sunglasses have a unique shape in a matte black frame that is the perfect complement to the B&L G-15 lenses. These are cool and elegant sunglasses, sure to make a design statement but with top quality Bausch & Lomb lenses to provide 100% protection. Tell Me More

VS457: Vintage Ray-Ban W2552 Spray sunglasses feature an early matte black wrap sunglasses frame pre-dating even the iconic Ray-Ban Sport Series from the 1990s and Bausch & Lomb silver mirror lenses. These are lightweight, high performance sports sunglasses, but they can also make a design statement at all sorts of formal and casual events. The composite frame is strong yet light and flexible, and it's hard to beat the look or optical performance highly reflective vintage B&L silver mirror lenses. Tell Me More

VS458:Vintage Ray-Ban W2207 Xrays X1 Amber Polysphere wrap sunglasses really make a design statement, a precursor of the Oakley designs and a great combination of form and function. Ray-Ban Xrays were a pioneer in combining a flexible, rubberized wrap sunglasses frame - soft, light, and comfortable - with high performance Bausch & Lomb optics. Tell Me More

VS459: Vintage Ray-Ban Z0280 Classic Metals Arista 58mm G-15 shooter sunglasses are the 24k Arista version of the classic Ray-Ban 58mm shooter, top quality all around and an icon of modern design. The frame measures approximately 5.25" temple to temple making it a popular choice for men and women. Tell Me More

VS460: Vintage Ray-Ban W2549 Rituals Bewitched sunglasses were low production but one of the vintage styles highly prized by vintage fashion aficionados. The W2549 model ups the ante with the 24k gold plated Arista frame, and the "Cappuccino" touches of tortoise ear stems and the thin band of tortoise surrounding the B-15 lenses are a perfect complement. Tell Me More

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