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VS891: Vintage Giorgio Armani 317 069 sunglasses are one of the rarest styles of vintage Giorgio Armani sunglasses, highly sought after and uniquely distinctive in their design. There are numerous design features for which Armani 317 sunglasses are known, including the highly arched gold nose bridge, prominent frame screws on each side of the bridge, and the translucent tortoise shell Italian frame that has a look you'll only find in finer Italian sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS892: Vintage Giorgio Armani 632 896 sunglasses have all the unique design features that you've come to expect in vintage Armani sunglasses and finer Italian sunglasses in general. A band of tortoise shell surrounds the front lenses of the Armani 632 and its extended metal side temples are the distinctive design feature, but don't miss the finely detailed etching that covers the entire surface of both metal ear stems. Tell Me More

VS893: Vintage Giorgio Armani 635 840 sunglasses are a unique Armani Italian interpretation of classic aviator sunglasses, topped off with blue gradient lenses that make the Armani 635 a unique choice for both formal and casual occasions. The star of the show here are really the blue gradient polycarbonate lenses, with great optics and lightweight to make them comfortable to wear for long periods. Tell Me More

VS894: Vintage Giorgio Armani 1528 707 sunglasses were one of the very few wrap designs ever produced by Giorgio Armani in their early years of sunglasses production, and we think you'll agree it's a winner. The sleek chrome frame looks great with the rare Armani blue polycarbonate lenses, with great optics and lightweight to make them suitable for sports and to wear comfortably for long periods of time. Tell Me More

VS895: Vintage Giorgio Armani 677 1153 sunglasses feature a thick tortoise front frame that's the distinctive design feature of Armani 677 sunglasses, and it looks great with the sleek chrome ear stems and matching tortoise ear pads. The rounded rectangular lenses really catch the eye, somewhat asymmetrical and further accented with the band of tortoise to naturally draw the eye to their unique shape. Tell Me More

VS896: Vintage Ray-Ban W2522 Rituals Spellbound sunglasses feature a black ebony frame and elaborately rounded temples in a shape somewhat reminiscent of vintage cat eye sunglasses from the 1950s and 1960s. The black ebony Spellbound frame looks great with Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses, and it's a nice size and shape for men's and women's sunglasses alike. Tell Me More

VS897: Vintage Ray-Ban W2760 Outsiders Square sunglasses have a sleek and elegant look, often seen in movies and television shows in the 1990s as one of the cool choices for men and women of the period. Ray-Ban Outsiders Square sunglasses feature a gloss black frame that holds Bausch & Lomb G-15 lenses, and the silver insert on the exterior of both ear stems is a nice design feature and looks great against the black ebony frame. Tell Me More

VS898: Vintage Ray-Ban Wings glacier glasses feature Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses suitable for even the brightest mountain glare set in a black Bausch & Lomb Wings frame with tan leather side blinkers. The blinkers fold inward when closing the glasses, and they give your face and eyes the added protection they need in extreme cold and windy conditions. An elastic line passes through the leather blinkers to secure these Wings glacier glasses around your neck. Tell Me More

VS899: Vintage Ray-Ban Leathers Explorer sunglasses feature black English bridle leather surrounding the front frame and ear pads of the classic Ray-Ban Explorer design. The unique lens shape of the Explorer is sure to draw the eye, and the Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses both look great with the black leather and provide you with high quality optics to protect your eyes. Tell Me More

VS900: Vintage Ray-Ban W0380 Leathers Outdoorsman sunglasses feature Bausch & Lomb Rose Changeables lenses, the rarest lens color by far in the B&L Changeables line of photochromatic lenses. These lenses are the perfect complement to the burgundy English bridle leather that covers the front frame, "General" brow bar, and ear pads of these vintage Leathers. Furthermore, these are also the top of the line rope leather weave that add plenty of extra design flair. Tell Me More

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