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VS3641: Vintage Oakley 006001-09 X Squared sunglasses feature a sleek, slightly menacing Carbon X Metal frame and perfectly matched Black Iridium lenses, a look that's both high performance and stylish and as seen on several celebrities over the years especially in sports. Don't miss the distinctive red ear pads on this unique variaiton of the X Squared Carbon. The Oakley X Squared has become the new go to X Metal for collectors and fashion aficionados. Tell Me More

VS3642: Vintage Oakley 006011-02 X Squared sunglasses feature a beautiful Plasma X Metal frame and highly reflective blue Ice Iridium lenses, one of the best frame and lens combos Oakley ever produced in their iconic X Metal lines. The Oakley X Squared has become the new go to X Metal for collectors and fashion aficionados, produced in far smaller quantities than its earlier counterparts the Oakley Juliet and Penny. Tell Me More

VS3643: Vintage Oakley 03-117 Frogskins Trevor Andrew Trouble sunglasses c 2006 are well known to collectors and fashion aficianados as the world's first glow in the dark sunglasses and extremely difficult to still find. They feature Oakley High Definition Optics bronze lenses in the distinctive matte white Trevor Andrew Trouble frame that looks as good in the daylight as it will glowing in the dark at night. Trevor Andrew is a Canadian snowboarder, musician and artist. Tell Me More

VS3644: Vintage Oakley 04-143 Half X sunglasses are one of the few rimless styles Oakley ever produced, and we think you'll agree it makes for an interesting contrast when compared to their many other full front frame X Metal styles from this period including the Romeo, Juliet, and Penny. In this variation you get the unmatched look of the Oakley raw X Metal frame finish coupled with Oakley Warm Grey lenses that make for a sleek, elegant look. Tell Me More

VS3645: Vintage Oakley XX Ten sunglasses were produced in only small quantities c 1998, here in the hard to beat combination of silver frame and highly reflective Oakley Chrome Iridium lenses. The Oakley XX Ten Full Metal has a subtle wrap contour to help block glare from the sides, and it's a similar size and shape to its later successor style the XX Twenty. One of the distinctive features of the Oakley XX Ten are the inset ovals that decorate both ear stems and give the Ten a sleek, industrial appearance. Tell Me More

VS3646: Vintage Serengeti aviator sunglasses from the Drivers Series date to the mid 1990s when Serengeti sunglasses and high optical quality lenses were among the finest in the world. These Serengeti aviators feature a rare copper frame, far harder to find than analogous gold plated or black Serengeti aviator sunglasses from this period. Tell Me More

VS3647: Vintage Vuarnet 401 sunglasses feature a beautiful black ebony frame, intricately etched gold plated nose bridge, and Vuarnet PX-2000 all purpose mineral glass lenses. The style of the Vuarnet 401 is reminiscent of vintage Revo 953 sunglasses, and the Vuarnet PX-2000 lenses were designed with an anti-reflective interior coating subtly enhancing color and contrast to be ideal for everyday use and driving. Tell Me More

VS3648: Vintage Revo 1414 036 Improv sunglasses were produced in only very small quantities, a rare variation of an already rare style of vintage Revos c late 1980s. The Revo 1414 036 variation features a matte copper frame that looks great with the optically outstanding Revo brown mineral glass lenses for which the company has always been known prior to its sale to Luxottica in 1998. Tell Me More

VS3649: Vintage Revo 860 007 Spirit sunglasses feature hard to find and highly reflective Revo orange mirror mineral glass lenses set in a black matte frame that perfectly complements the mirrored lenses that will also pick up hues of red and purple out in the sunlight. It's a great look whether you're lounging around the pool or dressed up to make a statement at a big daytime event. The nose pads are imbedded in the black matte French frame so they don't detract from the clean, retro lines. Tell Me More

VS3650: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5681 41 sunglasses feature a low profile and eye catching gold and silver frame along with rare oval Porsche Design blue gradient lenses. Vintage Porsche Carrera sunglasses from this period were known for their distinctive designs that incorporated high quality yet lightweight optics via their use of optyl lenses, an advanced polycarbonate that offered a degree of optical precision not previously attainable except through the use of much heavier glass lenses. Tell Me More

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