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VS3481: Vintage Giorgio Armani 173 802 sunglasses feature a beautiful Tortuga tortoise shell frame that exudes the look of fine quality Italian craftsmanship combined with the optically outstanding brown Armani mineral glass lenses. The etched gold nose bridge and gold platedtemples provide a great color complement for the Tortuga, and the subtle curves of the front frame make this a good choice for a wide variety of face sizes and shapes. Tell Me More

VS3482: Vintage Giorgio Armani 656 905 glacier glasses feature super cool black leather side blinkers, a finely crafted silver plated Italian frame, and rare Armani mirrored mineral glass lenses. These stylish Armani ski sunglasses can stand up to extremes of skiing but they're also great for hiking and other outdoor sports - not to mention the apres ski party. And with the removable leather side blinkers they're equally at home as your regular daily sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS3483: Vintage Giorgio Armani 1550 707 sunglasses are one of the very few rimless styles Armani ever produced during their golden years of the 1980s and 1990s, and here you get not only the rimless design but a gleaming titanium silver wrap style frame and very rare top gradient mirror lenses. The frame is strong yet flexible, and the lenses allow more light transmission than B&L Ray-Ban top gradient mirrror lenses for example. Tell Me More

VS3484: Vintage Giorgio Armani 672 706 sunglasses feature a beautiful Italian frame with black ebony ear stems, black front frame, and a metal band that secures the lenses of the front frame in place for extra design flair. The black on black is our favorite variation of iconic Armani 672 sunglasses, a readily identifiable vintage Armani style for those in the know. The oval, thicker than normal front frame is a distinctive Armani design characteristic. Tell Me More

VS3485: Vintage Giorgio Armani 1578 1416 sunglasses are one of the very few rimless styles Armani ever produced during their golden years of the 1980s and 1990s, a very distinctive and unique lens shape that you just won't find anyone else wearing no matter the situation. The 1578 titanium frame is strong yet flexible, subtly wrapped to contour closer to the face, and it looks great with these rare amber Armani lenses with the eye catching top gradient mirror finish. Tell Me More

VS3486: Vintage Giorgio Armani 2523 487 sunglasses feature a rounded, low profile design made all the most distinctive by the rare silver frost frame that has translucence that it seems only the Italians can do right. Armani 2523 sunglasses are a very distinctive shape, thick but rounded both on the front frame and on the cool tapered ear stems. Tell Me More

VS3487: Vintage Serengeti 6415 Passport sunglasses feature a distinctively thick matte gold front frame and matching matte gold ear stems, a perfect color combination for the Serengeti mineral glass lenses. You'll note that this frame style has parallels with vintage Revo 1415 sunglasses, for during these years of the 1990s Revo and Serengeti sometimes shared frame designs but each used their own proprietary lens technology to go in them. Tell Me More

VS3488: Vintage Serengeti 6291 Premiere sunglasses from the Serengeti Drivers series were at the top of the Serengeti line, a distincitvely shaped frame and lenses with thick and tapering yellow tortoise shell ear stems. The gold front frame plating looks great with the yellow tortoise stems, all topped off with the vintage Serengeti mineral glass lenses far superior to the flimsy polycarbonate lenses found in today's Serengetis. Tell Me More

VS3489: Vintage Serengeti 5446 Santa Fe sunglasses date to production that featured Corning Optics lenses, a low profile, distinctively shaped matte black front frame with eye catching tortoise shell ear stems. You'll find this look on only a very few Serengetis from this period which are in turn reminiscent of some vintage Revos from the same period. You'll find the usual high quality materials and construction readily evident if you ever compare these vintage Serengetis with flimsy modern ones. Tell Me More

VS3490: Vintage Bolle Irex 100 gold mirror glacier glasses were produced at shared production facilities with sister company Vuarnet, sharing parts and exact size and shape with Vuarnet 027 glacier glasses (as seen in the James Bond movie Spectre) of this period but with great Bolle Irex 100 mirrored lenses that feature a highly reflective gold mirror coatings in contrast to the silver mirror coatings of comparable Vuarnet Skilynx lenses. Tell Me More

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