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VS3011: Vintage Revo 3035 001 sunglasses feature highly reflective Revo blue mirror H20 polarized lenses in a sleek black wrap sports sunglasses frame designed for high performance with the highest optical quality. The subtle wrap design enables the sunglasses to contour more closely to your face, giving you added protection from side glare. Revo 3035 sunglasses have spring loaded hinges that also add to the comfort of the fit. Tell Me More

VS3012: Vintage Ray-Ban W0325 CATS 5000 GP sunglasses feature a durable black nylon frame and Bausch & Lomb G-15 Polarized anti-glare lenses, a design that combines a high performance frame with high performance optics. You'll appreciate the light weight of the CATS 5000 frame, but you won't sacrifice optics with the B&L GP mineral glass lenses - the polarized version of iconic B&L G-15 lenses - that give you visual acuity you just can't get with polycarbonate plastic lenses. Tell Me More

VS3013: Vintage Carrera Boeing Collection 5710 41 sunglasses feature a sleek, racing inspired gold and silver plated frame, a durable and high performance housing for the striking green Carrera lenses that form the perfect color complement. Vintage Carrera Boeing Collection sunglasses were produced in only small quantities, a 1980s collaboration between Carrera and Boeing to design and produce high performance eyewear for pilots as well as the fashion conscious public. Tell Me More

VS3014: Vintage Persol 9271 sunglasses feature a sleek black ebony frame reminiscent in shape to an elongated, low profile Ray-Ban Wayfarer but with plenty of extra Italian design flair. The late 1930s first saw the introduction of the Persol Victor Flex system, like the Meflecto system a flexible stem design that is still today a distinctive feature of the Persol brand. The stem’s flexibility derives from vertical slots carved into the ear stems providing comfort and adaptability to any face. Tell Me More

VS3015: Vintage Giorgio Armani 668 706 sunglasses feature a sleek and elegant matte black frame and perfectly matched Armani green mineral glass lenses, a very finely crafted sunglasses style that exudes top of the line Italian quality for which Armani has long been known. Tell Me More

VS3016: Vintage Revo 3040 080 J7 sunglasses feature Revo h20 polarized top gradient mirror lenses and a curved rectangular lens shape that looks great on a wide variety of faces. The sleek chrome Italian frame is the perfect complement to the Revo H20 mirrored lenses, and the Revo logo is in an indentation on both ear stems that is one of our favorite means of integrating the Revo logo in the 3000 series designs. Tell Me More

VS3017: Vintage Ray-Ban Marcellina women's cat eye sunglasses c 1950s - early 1960s combine the lovely and shimmering pearl frame with vintage gray Bausch & Lomb lenses for a great, cat-like effect guaranteed to make you purr! The elongated frame shape really accentuates the cat eye lenses, and metal studs at the 2 front corners add a final design flourish. Note the translucence and shimmer in the frame, something you just don't see in modern sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS3018: Vintage Ray-Ban W1749 Cheyenne sunglasses are among the most distinctive, hard to find, and highly sought after styles of vintage B&L Ray-Ban sunglasses, with small round G-15 lenses complemented by a gold band surrounding the lenses and yellow tortoise shell ear stems. It's quite to find the W1749 Cheyenne with the gold front band versus the more common tortoise shell. Vintage Ray-Ban Cheyenne sunglasses are uniquely shaped in the John Lennon style. Tell Me More

VS3019: Vintage Alpina M1/7 sunglasses are a slightly lower profile, more elongated version of the iconic Alpina M1, better suited for wider face styles of for those who like the oversized look in sunglasses. This rare frame and lens combination features a high performance black frame with black top accent and silver screws, a sleek and elegant partner for the Alpina brown gradient lenses that also pick up hues of rose. Tell Me More

VS3020: Vintage Oakley Romeo sunglasses feature a low first generation X Metal frame and serial number along with original Oakley Black Iridium lenses, a true icon of 20th century sunglasses design. Vintage Oakley Romeo 1.0 X Metal sunglasses were a revolutionary application of a new metallurgical process and a breakthrough in structural physics. A lightweight blend of superheated metals, the adjustable X Metal frame is engineered with flex couplers and interchangeable nose pads for a secure, high performance fit. Tell Me More

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