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VS3461: Vintage Cazal 866 647 sunglasses are a design and color explosion of white, blue, turquoise, and gold in the Art Deco inspired styling of vintage Cazal 866 sunglasses, a style that was mde in only very small quantities and thus very difficult to find today. The intricately crafted ear stems with their predominant colors of blue and gold really stand out and make the Cazal 866 as striking from the sides as they are from the front. Tell Me More

VS3462: Vintage Cazal 901 70 Targa Design sunglasses feature the rare all white 901 frame along with eye catching blue gradient lenses, the perfect color combination for the white 901 Targa Design frame. Cazal 901 sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design, one of the most popular styles ever produced by the elaborate and creative founder of Cazal Cari Zalloni. Cazal sunglasses are popular with those who seek originality and aren't afraid to make a fashion statement. Tell Me More

VS3463: Vintage Killer Loop W1569 Pro-line Wrap sunglasses are one of the earliest serious sports wrap design sunglasses featuring highly reflective one piece blue mirror lens and dating to the very early days when the Killer Loop brand was owned by Bausch & Lomb along with their stewardship of Ray-Ban. If you watched beach volleyball in the 1990s you would have seen these Killer Loop Pro-line sunglasses on the faces of many of the men and women competitors. Tell Me More

VS3464: Vintage Killer Loop red mirror sunglasses feature a sleek matte black frame reminiscent of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, but nobody is going to confuse this eye catching early Killer Loop design for the more traditional design icon. That being said, these Killer Loop sunglasses date to the very earliest days of the brand when they were in fact owned by Bausch & Lomb which had also developed Ray-Ban from the 1940s until the late 1990s when they sold the company. Tell Me More

VS3465: Vintage Killer Loop W2423 Vicious sunglasses feature a lightweight brushed aluminum frame and high performance flash mirror lenses in one of the most distinctive sunglass designs of the 20th century c early 1990s. These Killer Loops are not your cheap modern version of the iconic brand but rather were produced when Killer Loop sunglasses were owned and produced by Bausch & Lomb of Ray-Ban fame. Tell Me More

VS3466: Vintage Oliver Peoples OP-524 sunglasses are a real icon of modern sunglasses design and one of the single most influential styles that put Oliver Peoples eyewar on the designer map. The OP 524 was part of 3 sets OP issued for the Fight Club paper street series and considered for use in the film starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter, and these are the original 1998 version. Tell Me More

VS3467: Vintage Oliver Peoples OP-43 sunglasses feature an elaborately etched gold plated frame from the original Oliver Peoples Vintage Collection, with frames inspired by the 12k GF (Gold Filled) and Ful Vue frames of Bausch & Lomb and American Optical back in the 1930s and 1940s. In addition to this magnificent and distinctly shaped frame you get OP blue lenses, the perfect color complement for the matte gold plating of the OP-43. Tell Me More

VS3468: Vintage Oliver Peoples O'Malley sunglasses feature the rare blond acetate frame that has translucence you just don't typically see even in other top of the line vintage designer sunglasses, and here you also get the small size 41mm green mirror lenses that we think you'll agree are absolutely stunning and the perfect color complement for the blond O'Malley frame. Oliver Peoples O'Malley sunglasses are a handmade frame inspired by the classic sunglasses worn by the former Los Angeles Dodgers owner Peter O'Malley. Tell Me More

VS3469: Vintage Oliver Peoples 1933 sunglasses are extraordinarily rare and feature OP Vintage Blue #2 glass lenses and date to the original Oliver Peoples Vintage Collection which formed the basis for the establishment of the brand. This is one of the only "shooter" or "outdoorsman" styles Oliver Peoples ever made, with silver plated top accent and ear stems that curve behind the ears for the most secure fit possible. Tell Me More

VS3470: Vintage Persol Samoa sunglasses are one of the most distinctive and highly sought after of all vintage persol styles, produced in only very small quantities and mostly carried by optical shops only as a special order. It's hard to even know where to begin - with the rare Persol blue mirror lenses or with the great yellow tortoise shell ear stems with superb color shadings. This is one of the most popular Persol styles of the 1990s and remains one of the most highly sought after of all vintage Persols. Tell Me More

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