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VS181: Vintage Ray-Ban Ambermatic aviator sunglasses c mid 1980s - late 1990s were one of the most significant innovations in optical lens technology ever created, and even today there are no equals in how vintage Ray-Ban Ambermatic lenses change properties to provide optimal eye protection in a variety of light conditions. The B&L Ray-Ban Ambermatic lens has photochromatic properties that change density depending on the degree of both brightness and temperature, properties infused into the glass. Tell Me More

VS182: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5621 72 sunglasses feature the striking combination of gold and titanium silver frame coupled the very rare Porsche Design blue gradient lenses plus a second set of either gray or brown gradient lenses. Like all Carrera Porsche Design 5621 and 5623 sunglasses, the gold and titanium silver 5621 72 frame has a center hinge that raises to allow the interchangeable lenses to be swapped out and inserted into prongs on the frame. Then, the hinge clamps down to hold the lenses in place. Tell Me More

VS183: Vintage Revo 3003 080 stealth mirror sunglasses combine a brushed gunmetal and black frame with Revo's top of the line stealth mirror lenses in a hard to find variation of a highly sought after style. The highly reflective Revo stealth mirror lenses pick up hues of blue, red and purple in the sunlight while providing your eyes with 100% UVA and UVB protection from the sun. Tell Me More

VS184: Vintage Ray-Ban 10k GF Caravan sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design c 1950s - 1960s feature early Bausch & Lomb RB-3 mineral glass lenses and the 10k GF frame wherein 1/10 of the metal in the frame is 10k gold, all on the exterior plating of course. Ray-Ban Caravans have a unique lens shape that's instantly recognizable and looks great on a variety of face shapes, and the early Shade 3 lenses provide a great contrast with the gold plated frame. Tell Me More

VS185: Very rare, small production vintage Revo 963 019 sunglasses have one of the most unique color combinations Revo ever produced, pairing a mottled green metal frame with Revo's highly reflective green mirrored lenses. The combination is a style that is guaranteed to be noticed most every time you wear them or your money back! Tell Me More

VS186: Vintage Ray-Ban W0493 Wayfarer Street Neat sunglasses feature one of the most eye catching styles in the already stylish Street Neat line, combining a blue geometric pattern and black ebony for an elegant, classy look. The slate blue looks great with the rich black ebony, and the geometric pattern creates interesting effects in the light for added design flair. Tell Me More

VS187: Very rare Revo 1130 001 sunglasses combine the most desirable characteristics of any vintage Revo sunglasses, pairing Revo oval blue mirrored lenses with tortoise shell ear stems for a look that's sure to attract attention and compliments whenever you wear them. Tell Me More

VS188: Unique, early Serengeti 7000SS Vermillion sunglasses feature a black matte metal frame and incredible red tint lenses by Corning Optics that have many unique characteristics that you would expect from the world's leading glassmaker Corning. Serengeti 7000SS sunglasses with Corning lenses were marketed as "the first all weather, high performance sunglasses". Tell Me More

VS189: Vintage Revo 1117 061 Boxy sunglasses were a very low production French frame model line by Revo in the late 1980s, sleek and elegant and made in France versus Italy and Japan where much of their other production was based. Revo 1117 sunglasses feature a frame that is made similar to the way fine cut cameo glass is made, with an outer gloss black layer coupled with a lighter, almost clear inner layer around the 2 blue mirrored lenses. Tell Me More

VS190: Vintage Ray-Ban W1184 black Leathers sunglasses feature round Changeables photochromatic lenses in B&L gold plated frame covered in fine English bridle leather. It's a really great look as men's or women's sunglasses, and the B&L photochromatic lenses will change their color with varying light conditions. These photochromatic properties are infused into the glass lenses themselves and is not a coating that will wear off or wear out. Tell Me More

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