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VS1661: Vintage Revo 820 001 Aero sunglasses feature a high performance matte black composite frame in the classic Aero style, but the real stars of the show are the Revo purple mirror lenses that provide superior anti-glare properties not to mention a super cool look in the Revo 820 001. Revo 820 Aero sunglasses were introduced in the first Revo design collection c 1986, one of 12 styles the company introduced at inception. Tell Me More

VS1662: Vintage Revo 840 sunglasses have a size and shape reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers but with that unmistakable vintage Revo flair, with two tone brown nylon frame holding highly reflective Revo blue mirror lenses. The color shadings and gradations in the durable brown nylon frame are really eye catching, and it's the perfect color complement for the rich blue mirror mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS1663: Vintage Revo 989 011 Feline sunglasses feature the distinctive exposed hinges and temple etching of Revo Feline sunglasses, but we think the mottled gray frame coupled with Revo stealth mirror lenses is arguably the best color combination of any in this iconic Revo Shapes collection sunglass line from the 1980s. There are many hues of gray and black in the frame, and the colors will come out even more in the sunlight to form a perfect complement for the highly reflective stealth mirror lenses. Tell Me More

VS1664: Vintage Revo 970 017 50s Round sunglasses stand out for a lot of reasons starting with the eye catching Tortuga tortoise shell top accent coupled with the Revo purple tint lenses that pick up hues of red and purple out in the sunlight. The Revo 970 is a classic from their original 1980s Revo Shapes collection, and the style has remained enduringly popular over the years for it's striking appearance and a size and shape suitable for most all men's and women's faces. Tell Me More

VS1665: Vintage Revo 3009 086 sunglasses are a design explosion of rich tortoise shell ear stems, highly reflective Revo blue mirror lenses, and a small Tortuga accent band around both lenses in the front frame for that last little bit of design flair. Revo 3009 sunglasses came in a wide variety of frame and lens color combinations, but this is the only style that adds a 3rd accent in the form of the Tortuga band that surrounds the lenses and ties the design together with the tortoise shell ear stems. Tell Me More

VS1666: Vintage Cazal 854 222 sunglasses carry on the tradition of design excellence at Cazal featuring a clear lucite frame that incorporates geometry and color for superb design flair. The color accents of yellow and turquoise complementing the translucent clear frame are unique to Cazal 854 222 sunglasses along with white bands on the stems and ear pads, and it's not a look you're going to readily find from any other manufacturer of sunglasses current or past. Tell Me More

VS1667: Vintage Cazal 913 951 sunglasses feature thin, elegant gold plated ear stems that enhance the eye catching appearance of the Cazal 913 leopard print front frame. It's a sexy, curvaceous style that at the same time exudes high Italian quality and design, and it reinforces why Cazal sunglasses like these vintage Cazal 913's have been the choice of celebrities worldwide for over 40 years. Tell Me More

VS1668: Vintage Versace Mod S31 Col 22M sunglasses feature a sleek matte silver frame that's more subtle than many vintage Versace designs but exudes the quality and elegance for which the brand has always been known. The carefully crafted and textured ear stems give a sleek, racing inspired look, and the rounded rectangle front frame is perfect for a wide variety of face sizes and shapes as men's or women's sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS1669: Vintage Versace 490 900 sunglasses feature the trademark vintage Versace gold link design ear stems culminating in the round Medusa head logo near the hinges, and the gold forms a great color complement and design contrast to the thicker, more angular tortoise shell front frame. Vintage Versace styles with the gold plated link ear stem design look arguably even better from the sides than from the front, and everyone will know you're wearing a design classic. Tell Me More

VS1670: Vintage Versace S72 31L sunglasses is arguably one of the most classic, elegant designs ever produced during the golden years of Gianni Versace before his death, with thick tortoise shell ear stems culminating in the gold plated Versace Medusa head logos set against a Tortuga enamel background. The oval front frame and lenses also incorporate Tortuga accents that tie the entire design together, and the color combination of gold and tortoise shell is hard to beat. Tell Me More

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