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VS321:Vintage Revo 3010 081 S Y1 sunglasses feature the horizontal etching for which Revo 3010 sunglasses have long been known, but in this variation you get a gleaming copper frame that's combined with Revo H20 Photo polarized photochromatic lenses for the ultimate in Revo eye protection - and a great look! The Revo H20 Photo lens incorporates their unique polarized Photoch process that sharpens visual acuity and changes optical properties depending on light conditions. Tell Me More

VS322: Vintage Ray-Ban 58mm black chrome aviator sunglasses are many times harder to find than analogous gold plated 58mm aviators, but when paired with highly reflective B&L G-31 mirrored lenses they turn into a real rarity and an icon of modern eyewear design. The black chrome finish was a patented B&L Ray-Ban process whereby the finish was permanently bonded to the frame in a way that's regularly stood the test of time over many years. The G-31 mirrored lenses are one of the finest ever produced. Tell Me More

VS323: Rare Carrera Porsche Design 5621 47 sunglasses have the Austrian tortoise shell frame that adds a lot of design flair to the classic Carrera Porsche Design style and is extremely hard to find. Tell Me More

VS324: Vintage Revo 953 011 Circle Executive sunglasses have the great shape that the 953 line is known for coupled with highly reflective and eye catching Revo stealth mirror lenses. The matte black frame front is a perfect complement for the stealth mirror lenses, and the metal portions of the frame are intricately etched silver which completes the look. You'll find the Revo logo integrated into the desigh of both intricately etched ear stems near the hinges. Tell Me More

VS325: Vintage Giorgio Armani 177 816 sunglasses feature an etched and antique gold frame and ear stems, tortoise shell ear pads, and brown Giorgio Armani mineral glass lenses measuring 1.75" x 1.375" at the widest points and laser etched GA near the hinges. Giorgio Armani 177 sunglasses have the classic elegance of Armani Italian design, and you'll notice a lot of subtle quality details like the etching that decorates the frame around the lenses. Tell Me More

VS326: Vintage Revo 3002 001 sunglasses have a sleek industrial design that still remains elegant, combining a matte black Italian frame with Revo blue mirror lenses for one of our favorite color combinations among vintage Revos. The brushed metal look of the ear stems and intricate construction of the frame along with Revo's famous mirrored lenses makes Revo 3002 sunglasses enduringly popular among vintage fashion aficionados and sunglass collectors alike. Tell Me More

VS327: Vintage Revo 966 011 sunglasses feature a finely crafted and intricately etched matte silver frame coupled with Revo stealth mirror mineral glass lenses that will pick up plenty of hues of red, blue, and purple out in the sunlight. It's a great color combination in a low production frame style, rarity which has made vintage Revo 966 sunglasses enduringly popular and hard to find today. Tell Me More

VS328: Vintage Revo 1201 010 Marin sunglasses are notable because of the intricately etched antique gold frame coupled with Revo stealth mirror lenses that are a bit more aquamarine in hue than we often see and reflects an earlier production date c mid to late 1980s. Tell Me More

VS329: Vintage Revo 3008 001 Cobra Executive Flex sunglasses give you the black Revo python snakeskin etching best known in the Revo 1111 sunglasses line but here with a more curved rectangular lens shape and Revo blue mirror h20 polarized lenses. The python snakeskin etching is finely detailed and precise, reflecting the high quality craftsmanship for which vintage Revos are so well known. Tell Me More

VS330: Vintage Ray-Ban 62mm Ambermatic shooter sunglasses feature cable wire ear stems for the most secure fit possible in any type of conditions along with Bausch & Lomb's famous Ambermatic lenses. The B&L Ray-Ban Ambermatic lens has photochromatic properties that change density depending on the degree of both brightness and temperature. Taking its name from the color of the lens, Ray-Ban Ambermatic sunglasses change from amber yellow to gray and darker and denser in bright light conditions and in colder temperatures. Tell Me More

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