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VS921: Vintage Vuarnet Skilynx 502 sunglasses are perhaps the single rarest and most innovative pair of sunglasses ever produced by Vuarnet - or by most any other brand for that matter. The amazing Vuarnet 502 folds up into an incredibly small pocket size package in the specialized Vuarnet folding sunglasses case. The ear stems fold inward halfway down the stem. after which the ear stems fold inward and the sunglasses fold in half via another hinge at the center point of the nose bridge. Tell Me More

VS922: Vintage Persol Ratti 649 Brevettato sunglasses feature a beautiful Italian tortoise shell frame with all the distinctive Persol design features at the nose bridge, hinges, and ear stems, and they also feature the Persol Meflecto system that lets the frame mold itself to the shape of the wearer’s face. The Meflecto system involves inserting two to four small cylinders into the acetate arm to give it flexibility, a craft manufacturing process exclusive to Persol sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS923: Stylish and elegant vintage Giorgio Armani 650 958 sunglasses feature a thin band of tortoise shell that encircles both brown oval mineral glass lenses, tortoise ear stems, and thin round metal hinges that add a nice contrast and design flair. The high quality of this frame and lens combination is typical of Giorgio Armani production from the 1990s and indicative of fine Italian sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS924: Sleek and modern, vintage Revo 3047 080 K3 sunglasses feature Revo black mirror H20 polarized lenses in the distinctive chrome wrap frame that is the notable design feature of Revo 3047 sunglasses. Revo introduced the 3046 and 3047 lines as their first high performance wrap style sunglasses, pre-dating Oakley's adoption of the design style and coupling the wrap frame with the highly reflective Revo K3 H20 polarized lenses. Tell Me More

VS925: Vintage Ray-Ban Explorer Chromax black General sunglasses were a commemorative issue for the 1994 and 1996 Olympic Games of which Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban was a worldwide sponsor. While appealing to Olympics memorabilia collectors, these top of the line sunglasses stand on their own with the iconic Explorer frame and B&L B-20 Chromax lenses designed to enhance and sharpen color contrast in all light conditions. Tell Me More

VS926: Vintage B&L Killer Loop W2421 Volatile sunglasses feature a lightweight brused aluminum frame and high performance flash mirror lenses in one of the most distinctive sunglass designs of the 20th century c early 1990s. These Killer Loops are not your cheap modern version of the iconic brand but rather were produced when Killer Loop sunglasses were owned and produced by Bausch & Lomb of Ray-Ban fame. Tell Me More

VS927: Vintage Ray-Ban Orbs sunglasses are one of the earliest true sports wrap sunglasses ever produced c early 1990s, and even today they have some distinctive design qualities that you won't find on any other brand of high performance sunglasses. To start, check out the twisting ear stems that sit horizontal rather than vertical as they go down to your ears, and the large rubber ear pads give you both comfort and resist sweating and slipping in active conditions. Tell Me More

VS928: Vintage Revo 3004 083 sunglasses feature the rare and distinctive 3004 chrome Python frame and highly reflective Revo stealth mirrored lenses for one of the best designs of all vintage Revos. You'll note the finely etched precision in the Python detail that decorates both ear stems and the front nose bridge, and it looks great with the silver-blue stealth mirror lenses that will pick up hues of red and purple out in the sunlight. Tell Me More

VS929: Vintage Revo 3025 001 blue mirror H20 sunglasses feature the distinctive lens shape characteristic of Revo 3025 sunglasses in a sleek black frame which goes perfectly with the highly reflective blue mirror H20 polarized lenses. Revo 3025 sunglasses have a subtle wrap design that will contour closely to your face to give your eyes additional protection on the sides, and the mirrored finish of the lenses will reflect glare and work with the H20 polarization to give you 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Tell Me More

VS930: Vintage Ray-Ban Leathers bullet hole sunglasses feature rare burgundy English bridle leather covering the entire front frame, ear pads, and General brow bar of this rare example of vintage Ray-Ban Leathers. Moreover, the 62mm B&L B-15 lenses give you a high performance color enhancing brown mineral glass lens that looks great with the burgundy leather and protects your eyes from 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Tell Me More

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