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VS2001: Vintage Ray-Ban W2863 Sidestreet 1998 Metal Tea Cup sunglasses are slightly more rounded and oval than most sunglasses in the iconic Ray-Ban Sidestreet line, a beautiful matte black chrome frame with a finish that will stand the test of time. The black frame looks great with the B&L G-15 anti-glare lenses, and the look makes them popular for both formal and casual occasions. Tell Me More

VS2002: Vintage Ray-Ban Caribbean sunglasses show you the lineage of the more angular Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses introduced later, introducing the angular front frame shape softened by curves and the steeply sloping ear stems. The Ray-Ban Caribbean is a style you would have seen on many A list celebrities in the 1950s, one of the early B&L Ray-Ban lines that established the company in consumer culture after their early visibility in the military and aviation. Tell Me More

VS2003: Vintage Gargoyles Legends II sunglasses are one of the most beautiful frame and lens color combinations ever produced during the golden years of Gargoyles production, a brushed silver frame with Gargoyle's Pink Ice mirrored lenses - virtually identical in appearance and color hues with Revo stealth mirror sunglasses. The subtle wrap design of the Gargoyles Legend II contours to your face to give added protection from wind and glare, and you'll love the Pink Ice lenses. Tell Me More

VS2004: Vintage Gargoyles Legends sunglasses feature a gleaming gold plated frame produced in far fewer quantities than black and silver variations, and what goes better with shimmering gold than Gargoyles highly reflective blue mirror lenses that also pick up hues of red and purple out in the sunlight. The subtle wrap design of the Gargoyles Legend II contours more closely to your face to give added protection from wind and glare, and you'll love the blue mirror lenses and the rimless bottom frame design. Tell Me More

VS2005: Vintage Serengeti Drivers 5222 black aviator Outdoorsman sunglasses feature rare "shooter" ear stems that curl behind the ear to provide the most secure fit possible in even the most active conditions. This style is a low production derivative of Serengeti 5222 Drivers black aviator sunglasses, both among the highest quality frame and lens combinations regardless of manufacturer. You'll love the crisp optics provided by the brown Corning Optics mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS2006: Vintage Serengeti 6245 Drivers sunglasses feature a rich cobalt blue frame with a degree of translucence that really shimmers in the light and picks up lighter shades of blue, and it's perfectly matched with the high performance Corning Optics gradient copper mineral glass lenses with some of the most advanced anti-glare coatings ever produced protecting the rear of these lenses - and your eyes! The gold plated accent bar across the top of the frame adds some extra design flair. Tell Me More

VS2007: Vintage Vuarnet 009 Skilynx sunglasses were a low production style early in Vuarnet's production of iconic Skilynx sunglasses, a somewhat more angular variant of much more common Vuarnet 002 sunglasses. The Vuarnet 009 is an eye catching design, with a subtle wrap design plenty of surface area to protect your eyes with the amazing Vuarnet Skilynx double gradient mirror lenses. Tell Me More

VS2008: Vintage Vuarnet 087 Skilynx sunglasses were produced in only very small quantities, a more angular Wayfarer inspired style of Vuarnets produced in the 1980s with the open cut center V along the lines of the much more common Vuarnet 085. Vuarnet 087 sunglasses have a sleek, moderately oversized style which look unique relative to most any other pair of sunglasses on the market. Tell Me More

VS2009: Vintage Maui Jim MJ 162 sunglasses were one of the very earliest styles produced at the inception of Maui Jim, produced in the 1980s during a period of time when vintage Maui Jims more closely resemble classic vintage Revo sunglasses than the lighter, often rimless Maui Jim styles of today. You'll love the tortoise shell ear tems of the Maui Jim MJ 162, and the gleaming copper front frame is the perfect complement along with the performance and look of the double gradient mirror mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS2010: Vintage Revo 3046 093 K2 sunglasses feature Revo brown h20 polarized lenses set in a gleaming copper wrap frame, a high performance icon of the mid 1990s during the golden years of Revo. The brown top gradient mirror h20 polarized lens was arguably the finest lens ever produced by Revo, polarized during a period of time when polarization was still quite rare and not introduced until several years hence with Revo's own colored mirror lenses. Tell Me More

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