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VS2031: Vintage Ray-Ban Flying Colors sunglasses feature a very rare orange enamel covered Arista gold plated frame in the classic Ray-Ban 58mm aviator style and shape. You'll love the look of the Bausch & Lomb B-15 lenses with the orange Flying colors, and it's one of the hardest to find color and lens combinations in the iconic Ray-Ban Flying Colors style. Tell Me More

VS2032: Vintage Ray-Ban Decot bullet hole sunglasses are a variation of the traditional aviator shaped bullet hole sunglasses and shooters, better suited for medium and smaller face sizes and for both men and women. The B&L Ray-Ban bullet hole was designed not just for good looks but to also create better balance on the face for hunters and shooters. Bausch & Lomb developed this design with well known sportsman Bud Decot in the 1950s. Tell Me More

VS2033: Vintage Ray-Ban W1979 Olympian V Deluxe sunglasses combine the unique shapes of two icons of 20th century Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban sunglasses design - the Olympian and the Predator - in a gleaming Arista gold plated frame with B&L G-15 anti-glare lenses. It's a sleek and elegant design that's equally at home at both formal and casual occasions, and the subtle wrap design contours nicely to your face to reduce side wind and glare. Tell Me More

VS2034: Vintage Ray-Ban W1925 Moonstone sunglasses feature a sleek tortoise shell frame that was a predecessor of the Ray-Ban Predator line introduced another 10 years hence. This early Ray-Ban style was only produced in small quantities and it's a unique size and shape that's made them one of the more popular and sought after styles among Ray-Ban collectors. Tell Me More

VS2035: Vintage Ray-Ban Kristin sunglasses c 1950s are a very low production style that even many Ray-Ban collectors have not seen before, an early oversized frame that Jackie Kennedy was photographed in back in the early 1960s along with many other movie and TV stars of the day. The large angular front frame was a radical departure from the cat eye designs that proliferated in the 1950s - and we think for the better. Tell Me More

VS2036: Vintage Ray-Ban W2911 Sidestreet sunglasses are one of the earliest styles in the iconic Ray-Ban Sidestreet line, with brushed matte silver frame, high arched nose bridge, and Bausch & Lomb oval G-15 anti-glare lenses. This is a beautiful brushed pewter frame with black highlights and sleek black ear pads, all of which go great with the G-15 lenses in the unique shape of the W2911. Tell Me More

VS2037: Vintage Ray-Ban W2524 Rituals sunglasses feature an eye catching translucent mottled frame that's sure to attract questions and compliments, one of the most unique styles not just among Ray-Ban Rituals but of any vintage Ray-Bans. The nicely curved shape is designed for smaller face sizes, and it looks great with the B&L anti-glare lenses. Tell Me More

VS2038: Vintage Ray-Ban W0800 Onyx sunglasses are one of the most distinctive styles produced by Bausch & Lomb during their ownership of the Ray-Ban brand up until 1998 when the company was sold to Luxottica. Ray-Ban Onyx sunglasses were known for their angular lines, extended temples, and thick ear stems. Onyx sunglasses were made in a variety of colors, but these Ray-Ban W0800 Onyx sunglasses are one of our favorites with the tortoise shell exterior frame. Tell Me More

VS2039: Vintage Ray-Ban W1754 1940s Retro Round aviator sunglasses are a super cool variation of traditional aviator glasses, much more rounded and featuring the distinctive etching of the Ray-Ban gold plated Arista frame. Note the intricate and precise detail in the etching, very difficult to manufacture and something we don't think you'll find in most any modern sunglasses due to the craftsmanship and expense required. Tell Me More

VS2040: Vintage Ray-Ban W2811 Sidestreet sunglasses feature a unique design incorporating small eye cups and unique chrome banding that secures the lenses in place but also adds a lot of extra design flair. You'll like the combination of gleaming chrome front frame and hinges with the matte gray of the ear stems and eye cups. Tell Me More

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