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VS2071: Vintage Giorgio Armani 901 024 sunglasses continue the tradition of Armani 901 sunglasses being one of their most distinctive and enduringly popular styles - and for good reason. The Armani 901 024 features a unique and eye catching green tortoise shell Italian frame and green Armani mineral glass lenses to give you great optics with the elegant and stylish frame. Note the textured hues of green and black on the two ear stems that extends across the top accent of the frame. Tell Me More

VS2072: Vintage Giorgio Armani 318 005 sunglasses are one of the rarest and most sought after styles of any that the House of Armani ever produced. The yellow tortoise shell front frame has great translucence and style, and the intricately formed and etched hinges and ear stems add a lot of extra design flair. reminiscent in size and shape to iconic Revo 953 sunglasses, we think you'll agree that the Armani 318 005 is unmatched in high end elegance. Tell Me More

VS2073: Vintage Giorgio Armani 223 787 sunglasses feature a beautiful Tortuga tortoise shell front frame with great hues of red, orange, and black coupled with elaborately detailed matte gold ear stems and nose bridge. This is a color combination that works perfectly together, stylish and elegant and ready for everything from formal to casual occasions. Tell Me More

VS2074: Vintage Giorgio Armani 636 815 sunglasses feature a sleek, elegant silver plated frame with green mineral glass lenses that's a perfect size and shape to wear at both formal and casual occasions. Armani 636 sunglasses were a very popular style right from the moment they were first introduced c mid 1990s, and they still remain enduringly popular today. Tell Me More

VS2075: Vintage Giorgio Armani 672 1099 sunglasses feature a beautiful frame matte gray and ear stems with chrome band that secures the lenses of the front frame in place for extra design flair. The thicker than norm front frame is a distinctive Armani design trait, and we love the oval lens shape that measures approximately 1.875" x 1.125" at the widest points with both lenses laser etched GA near the hinges. Tell Me More

VS2076: Vintage Giorgio Armani 681 1144 sunglasses are a unique Armani Italian interpretation of classic aviator sunglasses, with a gleaming chrome frame and green Armani mineral glass lenses. The shape is slightly wider and more elongated than traditional teardrop shaped aviator sunglasses, giving you added eye protection from the sides with a soft, rounded look. Tell Me More

VS2077: Vintage Giorgio Armani 838 015 sunglasses features a beautiful translucent orange tortoise shell frame with great highlight colors of yellow and brown in a size and shape reminiscent of vintage B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarers - but with that unmistakable Italian design flair! The frame looks great with the brown Armani mineral glass lenses, and you'll be right at home at any type of occasion in these stylish and elegant Italian sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS2078: Vintage Giorgio Armani 662 973 sunglasses feature a rare Tortuga front frame, a subtle and elegant design that looks great with the matte light gold metal ear stems and oval Armani green mineral glass lenses. Wide ear stems and ear pads make Armani 662 sunglasses a distinctive Armani design that's also extremely comfortable to wear, and the high quality workmanship is evident throughout. Tell Me More

VS2079: Vintage Giorgio Armani 935 145 sunglasses are another of the icons of the famous Giorgio Armani 900 series of sunglasses, and we think you'll agree that the shimmering yellow tortoise shell and elaborate oversized shape of Armani 934 sunglasses easily justify their reputation. Tell Me More

VS2080: Vintage Giorgio Armani 635 872 sunglasses feature a rare Tortuga front frame and ear stems accented by beautiful matte silver hinges and nose bridge with black highlights. This is one of the most sought after styles of Armani aviator inspired sunglasses, produced in only very small quantities in the mid 1990s and very hard to find today. Tell Me More

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