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VS3271: Vintage Revo 3016 082 sunglasses feature Revo blue mirror H20 polarized lenses in a sleek matte gunmetal frame, a rare frame and lens color variation in one of the last styles the original Revo introduced in the mid 1990s prior to the sale of the company to Luxottica in 1998. The lens shape of Revo 3016 sunglasses were rather unique in Revo's catalogue, with subtle curves and left-right variance in a more rectangular lens than most Revo produced during their golden years. Tell Me More

VS3272: Vintage Revo Venture Aviator Nylon XP sunglasses were the very earliest styles the newly established Revo produced in the 1980s, and this particular frame and lens combination is the rarest and hardest to find of all the original production styles. Produced in the USA as somewhat of a prototype for later production that moved out of the US, these feature a distinctive burnt orange frame color and highly reflective Revo orange mirror lenses along with adjustable Outdoorsman "shooter" ear stems. Tell Me More

VS3273: Vintage 3011 080 sunglasses feature amazing Revo stealth mirror h20 polarized lenses in a sleek chrome and matte gray metal frame to combine high style with high performance. Revo stealth mirror lenses are one of the most popular of any vintage Revo lens, a silver-blue mirror coating that's going to pick up addiitonal hues of red and purple out in the sunlight. Tell Me More

VS3274: Vintage Giorgio Armani 946 144 sunglasses feature a gleaming translucent orange tortoise shell frame in a unique, low profile style along with brown Armani mineral glass lenses, a look that's equally at home for formal or casual occasions. This is one of the most highly sought vintage Armani frame colors, and the distinctively wide ear stems are a notable Armani design tool from this period of the 1990s. Tell Me More

VS3275: Vintage Vuarnet 023 sunglasses are a subtle wrap design in an eye catching matte gray gunmetal nylon frame, but the real stars of the show are the yellow Vuarnet Lynx PX-9000 mineral glass lenses that set a new standard for low light conditions rivaling the legendary Bausch & Lomb Kalichrome C yellow lens. Vuarnet PX-9000 Lynx lenses are a yellow base lens perfect for night driving, cloudy and overcast days, and thick fog. Tell Me More

VS3276: Vintage Bolle Acrylex gold mirror glacier glasses were produced at shared production facilities with sister company Vuarnet, sharing parts and exact size and shape with Vuarnet 027 glacier glasses (as seen in the James Bond movie Spectre) of this period but with great Bolle mirrored lenses that feature a highly reflective gold mirror coatings in contrast to the silver mirror coatings of comparable Vuarnet Skilynx lenses. Tell Me More

VS3277: Vintage Ray-Ban Egyptian sunglasses are virtually impossible to find, much less common than the other vintage B&L Ray-Ban cat eye styles like the LIsbon, Marcellina, Alita, and more. Inspired by.the surge of interest in all things Egpytian with the discovery of King Tut's tomb and the explosion of Art Deco, Ray-Ban Egyptian sunglasses were one of the only Ray-Ban styles that incorporated color layers in the frame, used carved areas to create the decorative ebony band of inserts across the top front frame, and used imbedded studs between them to complete the effect. Tell Me More

VS3278: Vintage Persol Sport 40323 sunglasses feature a distinctively shaped frame in an equally distinctive color of matte brown with super cool shadings of black highlights, but the real rarities here are rare Persol gold mirror mineral glass lenses produced in only very small quantities and highly sought after by collectors and fashion aficionados. It's getting harder and harder to find authentic vintage Persols, and that's even more true of vintage Persol Sport sunglasses with mirrored lenses. Tell Me More

VS3279: Cazal 672 sunglasses are an icon of modern sunglasses design and part of the Cazal Legends series, and we think you'll agree that the Cazal Mod 672 Col 1 is one of the very best frame and lens color variations and the one that really started it all. Black ebony, white, and gold plating all combine with the typically distinctive and eye catching design to be one great looking pair of sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS3280: Vintage Vuarnet 006 sunglasses feature a matte black frame in the style of classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses but with great Vuarnet PX-5000 high performance mineral glass lenses for high altitudes - or just to look super cool! Vuarnet PX 5000 lenses are a special purpose brown-based lens designed for use at high elevations and for light sensitive eyes, mountain climbers, pilots, etc. designed to enhance contrast and eliminate glare with average light transmission of 4%. Tell Me More

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