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VS241: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5623 90 sunglasses feature the classic Carrera matte black aviator style frame complete with original hard sided Carrera case shaped to fit the sunglasses perfectly and with felt compartment to hold the two additional lens. This is the classic combination of smoke gray and brown gradient Porsche Design lenses, a 2 lens set of each. The lenses are easily swapped out by lifting the center hinge of the frame, removing the lens from behind small clips, inserting the other lenses in their place, and clamping back down the center hinge. Tell Me More

VS242: Vintage Vuarnet 438 Skilynx sunglasses feature Vuarnet Skilynx PX-4000 double gradient mirror lenses in the classic Vuarnet 438 frame with black ebony top accents in a style reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Clubmasters. Vintage Vuarnet Skilynx lenses are known for their unique ability to eliminate glare and reflection while enhancing contrast and depth of field to provide unsurpassed performance in the mountains or at sea. Tell Me More

VS243: Ray-Ban 58mm Caravan sunglasses are always in high demand because of their unisex size and comfortable fit as men's or women's sunglasses, and when you see them in the gold plated Arista frame and B&L Ray-Ban brown B-15 lenses you really have a great look. Tell Me More

VS244: Vintage Revo 3030 093 Viper Executive Flex sunglasses are a subtle wrap design to give front and side protection to your eyes with its Revo P H20 polarized lenses, but what really stands out in Revo 3030 sunglasses is the gleaming copper Italian frame. It's a great look and high quality construction, and the unique ear stems feature an embossed Revo log before they transition with a bullet effect to a dark matte brown from the halfway point on to the ear pads. Tell Me More

VS245: Vintage Revo 1205 034 Aptos sunglasses from the Traveler Collection feature a beautifully etched copper frame that perfectly complements the Revo Triband oval mineral glass lenses. Note the intricate and precisely etched detail which is prominent across the nose bridge and at the two hinge points, and you'll find the Revo logo integrated into the design on each ear stem. Revo 1205 sunglasses are reminiscent of teashade sunglasses worn most famously by John Lennon of The Beatles. Tell Me More

VS246: Carrera Porsche Design 5621 90 sunglasses combine rare Porsche Design purple and dark gray lenses in the Austrian matte black frame in this classic of 1980s sunglass innovation. You won't see many vintage Carrera Porsche Design purple lenses for either 5621 or 5623 sunglasses, and be forewarned that there are many fake Porsche Design sunglasses and lenses on the market so it's important to know the difference. Tell Me More

VS247: Vintage Vuarnet 003 Skilynx sunglasses feature a durable brown nylon frame that won't stick to your face even in extreme cold combined with the amazing Vuarnet Skilynx double gradient mirrored lenses for a unique statement in vintage sunglasses. Vuarnet PX-4000 Skilynx lenses are gradient mirror lenses which reflect rather than absorb glare. Glare reduction is particularly important to ski eyewear and goggles, for harmful UV rays reflect off the snow to challenge vision. Tell Me More

VS248: Vintage Revo 1111 001 black python sunglasses feature Revo blue mirror lenses in the highly distinctive and always in demand Revo black python frame. The Revo 1111 python metal frame mimicks the look of snakeskin and measures approximately 5.25" temple to temple, and you'll note the fine craftsmanship in how precisely the frame is etched to create this effect. Tell Me More

VS249: Beautiful and light, Giorgio Armani 248-S sunglasses are one of the most popular styles ever produced by Armani, a predecessor of thin and light designs by companies like Maui Jim but with all that classic Armani design flair. Tell Me More

VS250: These Carrera Porsche Design 5621 71 sunglasses have a titanium silver frame, but check out the two sets of interchangeable Porsche Design lenses in the rarest of colors - blue gradient and rose! We already knew light blue gradient Porsche Design lenses were incredible, but frankly we had forgotten how cool the rose - wine color lenses were. Tell Me More

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