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VS3611: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5650 70 Titan sunglasses are one of the most highly sought after of any of the early Porsche Design icons from the 1980s and much harder to find than the other contender - the Carrera PD 5621 and 5623 interchangeable lens sunglasses. But the Carrera Porsche Design 5650 Titan is clearly the most unique and eye catching design ever produced through this partnership, with an exposed rimless upper frame versus the more common rimless lower frame you'll occasionally find in other vintage sunglass brands. Tell Me More

VS3612: Vintage Persol 714 108 S3 Steve McQueen folding sunglasses are an engineering marvel of the 20th century, folding up to a size not much larger than a single lens and known as the first ever collapsible folding sunglasses. But these Persol 714 folding sunglasses are a special issue, with the caffe yellow tortoise shell frame and blue Neophan polarized lenses popularized by the late actor Steve McQueen. Tell Me More

VS3613: Vintage Serengeti 6107 Caracal Species sunglasses feature a stylish, eye catching frame with top accent evoking the look of snakeskin, a perfect color complement to the original Serengeti brown gradient lenses in this hard to find early Serengeti style line. The Serengeti Caracal Species line was designed to bring out the colors of Africa with its rich wildlife in the form of bold, distinctive eyewear designs. The caracal if you're interested is a medium sized wild cat native to the Africa and the Middle East. Tell Me More

VS3614: Vintage Serengeti 6098 Caracal Species sunglasses feature a colorful textured top accent that looks fantastic when paired with the eye catching Serengeti blue gradient lenses. The Serengeti Caracal Species line was designed to bring out the colors of Africa with its rich wildlife in the form of bold, distinctive eyewear designs. The caracal if you're interested is a medium sized wild cat native to the Africa and the Middle East, and the Serengeti Caracal Species line was introduced about the same time as their analogous Afro-centric line the Simba Species. Tell Me More

VS3615: Vintage Giorgio Armani 810 020 sunglasses are part of the famous Armani 810 sunglasses collection reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers, this time in black ebony with silver temple decorations. The black and silver is a color combination that's hard to beat, and you'll like the classic styling resembling Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses but with that unmistakable Italian design flair. Tell Me More

VS3616: Vintage Giorgio Armani 2504 311 sunglasses feature a translucent gray frame with a combination of curves and angles in a low profile design that's readily recognizable as an early Armani style. It's a style suitable for both formal and casual occasions and a look you can be pretty sure you won't see anyone else wearing, sure to attract questions and compliments. Tell Me More

VS3617: Vintage Bolle 527 Acrylex sunglasses feature a black ebony Wayfarer style frame and equally striking Bolle gold mirror lenses that come together for a great look! Bolle 527 sunglasses are reminiscent of vintage Vuarnet 006 and Ray-Ban CATS 3000 sunglasses but with much brighter colors and greater diversity of styles. The highly reflective vintage Bolle gold mirror lenses are well known to vintage aficionados - they look great and have amazing optics! Tell Me More

VS3618: Vintage Oakley Sub Zero Planet X sunglasses c early 2000s feature the very rare Planet X frame, a real collector item among both vintage Oakley collectors as well as the broader vintage sunglasses collector community. The crackle ear stems are extraordinarily rare and a perfect complement for the subtle hues of the front frame and the Positive Red Iridium lenses. In the early ’90s, Oakley founder Jim Jannard gave his engineers a challenge to design the most lightweight sunglass ever created. Tell Me More

VS3619: American Optical steampunk goggles started life as safety goggles but today are worn mostly as motorcycle and open air goggles with one of the most striking and eye catching looks you'll ever see in vintage fashion. The stars of the show here are the perforated side blinkers that rotate inward to permit the glasses to fold up; interestingly enough, the ear stems fold the opposite way from most sunglasses to enable a thin profile when folded even when the side blinkers are on. Tell Me More

VS3620: Oakley A-Wire sunglasses feature the iconic thick A Wire matte silver frame with subtle wrap contours and Oakley Black Iridium mirrored lenses. With added thickness around the perimeter of the front frame, the thick wire variation gives you extra frame strength along with a highly distinctive look. The high tech metal A-Wire frame is a sleek, high performance example of early vintage Oakley sunglasses, and the highly reflective Oakley Black Iridium lenses here add exterior silver mirror filters to aid in glare reduction. Tell Me More

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