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VS1371: Vintage Ray-Ban Vagabond sunglasses c 1970s feature a sleek tortoise shell frame coupled with amazing Bausch & Lomb Ambermatic photochromatic lenses. The B&L Ray-Ban Ambermatic lens has photochromatic properties that change density depending on the degree of both brightness and temperature. Taking its name from the color of the lens, Ray-Ban Ambermatic sunglasses change from amber yellow to gray and darker and denser in bright light conditions. Tell Me More

VS1372: Vintage Ray-Ban Flying Colors sunglasses feature the famous enamel clad gold plated B&L Ray-Ban frame, but in this rare variation you'll find rare lavender enamel that ensures anyone wearing these Ray-Ban Flying Colors will be one of a kind at any occasion. The lavender enamel front aviator frame and matching lavender ear pads makes for a great fashion look when paired with the Bausch & Lomb mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS1373: Vintage Ray-Ban W0801 Onyx sunglasses are perhaps the most striking frame in the wonderful B&L Ray-Ban Onyx line, a gleaming light tortoise shell frame with black highlights that really plays well with the extra thick ear stems and unique front frame design of vintage Onyx sunglasses. There's an amazing degree of translucence in this French tortoise shell Ray-Ban frame, and it looks great with the Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses. Tell Me More

VS1374: Vintage Ray-Ban W2570 Orbs Predator New Deco Metal Oval Gunmetal sunglasses are an early wrap sunglasses design that quickly became one of the favorites of well known sports stars in the 1980s and early 1990s. The Orbs Predator design subtly contours closer to the face than had sunglasses of the past, helping to eliminate wind and glare coming in from the sides and adopted by many major league baseball players during this era. Tell Me More

VS1375: Vintage Ray-Ban clip on sunglasses with B&L Bausch & Lomb G-15 and RB-3 anti-glare lenses. Tell Me More

VS1376: Vintage Ray-Ban W0969 Gunmetal Oval sunglasses feature the enduringly popular Ray-Ban gunmetal frame, a muted frame color that is the epitomy of understated elegance. This color looks great with these Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses, and the oval shape is a good fit for a wide variety of men's and women's face sizes and shapes. This is another of the top of the line B&L Ray-Ban Arista frames. Tell Me More

VS1377: Vintage Ray-Ban W1102 Traditionals Premier IV sunglasses feature a gleaming black ebony frame that forms a perfect contrast with the intricately etched gold plated nose bridge that really adds a lot of design flair to these Ray-Ban Traditionals. You'll really like the design flexibility of this style, equally at home at formal or casual occasions with an understated elegance. Tell Me More

VS1378: Vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer 5022 sunglasses feature a beautiful light tortoise shell frame in the iconic Wayfarer style coupled with very hard to find Bausch & Lomb RB-3 light green mineral glass lenses. This is a rare combination of frame color and lens, and you just don't see too many vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers that were still offered with the early Bausch & Lomb RB-3 lens. Tell Me More

VS1379: Vintage Ray-Ban W2459 Diamond Hard sunglasses feature a silver Arista frame with its distinctive pinpoint etching coupled with the amazing Bausch & Lomb Diamond Hard lenses. Ray-Ban W2459 Diamond Hard sunglasses with the white gold Arista frame were produced in only very small quantities, and you'll see 50 pairs of the analogous Ray-Ban W1909 Diamond Hards in gold plating for every one W2459 in silver. Tell Me More

VS1380: Vintage Ray-Ban Tortuga Changeables bullet hole sunglasses feature the rare Tortuga gold frame with its distinctive bronze highlights to the gold plating coupled with Bausch & Lomb Changeables photochromatic lenses. While vintage Ray-Ban bullet hole sunglasses are already quite rare, you'll see 50 of the standard gold plated frames for every one Totuga with matching Tortuga "General" brow bar and ear pads. Tell Me More

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