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VS2371: Vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer Woodies Light Tiki sunglasses feature Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses in the iconic Wayfarer Woodies faux wood frame. Light Tiki was the lightest of the 3 original Woodies frame colors and one of the most difficult to find. Always very expensive, the original manufacturing process made production of the original Wayfarer Woodies prohibitively expensive for Bausch & Lomb so consequently they were produced in only very small quantities. Tell Me More

VS2372: Vintage Ray-Ban W2105 Classic Collection III sunglasses feature a beautiful silver Arista white gold frame that holds uniquely shaped hexagonal Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses. This eye catching design is one of the most popular of any produced during the golden years of B&L Ray-Ban, and this is a style you might recognize from celebrity photos of Brad Pitt, Melanie Griffin, and many more. You'll note the distinctive pinpoint etching of the Arista frame. Tell Me More

VS2373: Vintage Ray-Ban W1743 Gatsby DLX Style 2 sunglasses are one of the finest and most uniquely crafted B&L Ray-Bans ever produced over their 60 years of production, a design explosion of tortoise shell and exposed gold plated hinges that all combine for superb design flair. It's a look you won't find with any other brand of sunglasses new or vintage, and it's a style perfectly at home at the most formal or the most casual of occasions. Tell Me More

VS2374: Vintage Ray-Ban Kristin Pink Ice sunglasses c 1950s are a very low production style that even many Ray-Ban collectors have not seen before, an early oversized frame that Jackie Kennedy was photographed in back in the early 1960s along with many other movie and TV stars of the day. The large angular front frame was a radical departure from the cat eye designs that proliferated in the 1950s - and we think for the better. Tell Me More

VS2375: Vintage Ray-Ban W2674 Sidestreet Orbs sunglasses are a Sidestreet style line variation of Ray-Ban Orbs Air Boss sunglasses, with a similar front frame and lens shape but cool translucent gray ear stems. The combination of brushed matte silver, chrome, and translucent gray stems look great with the G-15 anti-glare mineral glass lenses, a style suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Tell Me More

VS2376: Vintage and very rare Ray-Ban RB-50 Type III Ultra Deep Groove Aviator Outdoorsman shooter sunglasses were made in W. Germany during the 1980's under license from B&L Ray Ban USA. The Type III Ultra Deep Groove was originally made as a frame for heavy prescription lenses, but it found new life as the frame used in the Precious Metals Series of B&L Ray Ban sunglasses and is identical to the Precious Metals frame except that it doesn't have the coloring used on the various versions of Precious Metals. Tell Me More

VS2377: Vintage Ray-Ban W2728 Sidestreet Duty Free Elite sunglasses from the Ray-Ban Exclusives Collection continue in the long line of high style sunglasses from this iconic style group of the 1990s. Most Duty Free Elites are oval, but here you have rounded rectangular front lenses in gleaming chrome complemented by the gloss black ear stems and Bausch & Lomb G-15 mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS2378: Vintage Ray-Ban W2456 Inertia sunglasses are the ultimate in modern, high tech eyewear produced during the final golden years of B&L Ray-Ban in the 1990s, and they still look more sleek and modern than anything you find on the market today. The design is truly unique in a style reminiscent of Oakley, but nobody will confuse Inertia sunglasses these for mass produced Oakleys! Aside from the unique shape designed for high performance, you also get the high quality optics of Bausch & Lomb. Tell Me More

VS2379: Vintage Ray-Ban W0608 Classic Metals sunglasses are one of only two styles of true Classic Metals Rounds, with the roundest lenses you'll find in the entire line and particularly hard to find in the black chrome frame and RB-3 lenses. It's a striking and eye catching look, and you'll never have to worry about wear because in Ray-Ban black chrome sunglasses the finish is permanently bonded to the frame in a unique process developed by Bausch & Lomb in the 1970s. Tell Me More

VS2380: Vintage Carrera Porsche Design 5694 40 sunglasses are a sleek, racing inspired design with interchangeable brown and gray lenses, but the real rarity of Porsche Carrera 5694 sunglasses lies in the unique magnetic lenses of this very hard to find frame. The interchangeable lenses attach to the frame by two magnets on both the frame and lenses, and color coding lets you know which lens is which and which side goes where. Tell Me More

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