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VS2721: Vintage Persol PP 508 sunglasses feature a style and shape very reminiscent of vintage B&L Ray-Ban Olympian sunglasses but of course with that unmistakable Italian design flair! The gold plated top accent and ear stems along and black ebony lower front frame all combine into a classic look that's equally at home at formal or casual occasions. Tell Me More

VS2722: Vintage Persol 9271 sunglasses c 1980s - 1990s feature a beautiful blond tortoise shell frame reminiscent in shape to an elongated, low profile Ray-Ban Wayfarer but with plenty of extra Italian design flair. The late 1930s first saw the introduction of the Persol Victor Flex system, like the Meflecto system a flexible stem design that is still today a distinctive feature of the Persol brand. Tell Me More

VS2723: Vintage Persol 201 sunglasses are one of the icons of the Persol line from the 1980s and early 1990s, and yellow tortoise shell is one of the lesser seen color variations that looks superb with the brown Persol mineral glass lenses. Persol 201 sunglasses also feature the patented Persol Meflecto system whose flexibility derives from the introduction of metal cylinders intersected by a stainless steel core in the ear stems providing comfort and adaptability to any face. Tell Me More

VS2724: Vintage and rare Persol 450 sunglasses are a unique, elaborate, over the top Italian interpretation of aviator sunglasses, one of the most distinctive styles ever produced by Persol at their famous Ratti manufacturing facility. You'll vaguely see the shape of a vintage B&L Ray-Ban bullet hole shooter, with center ring and brow bar. But you've never seen them done with this gleaming blond tortoise shell frame with a streamlined design and the highest possible quality. Tell Me More

VS2725: Vintage Persol 658 sunglasses feature a gleaming black ebony frame with high arched nose bridge and round lenses, a style and quality it seems only the Italians get totally right. It's a striking look suitable for both formal and casual occasions, and a style sometimes seen on the faces of celebrities. This is also one of the very few Persol styles to feature round lenses, something our clients inquire about all the time in their searches. Tell Me More

VS2726: Vintage Persol Cellor sunglasses c 1980s feature a blond tortoise shell top accent and ear stems coupled with a gold plated metal lower front frame in a style reminiscent of vintage Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses but with unmistakable Italian design flair. You'll find the Victor Flex system of slots cut in the ear stems to provide unparalleled flexibility for the most comfortable fit possible. Note the high degree of translucence in the blond tortoise, a quality level you'll only see in vintage Italian sunglasses. Tell Me More

VS2727: Vintage Persol PP504 sunglasses feature deep, rich colors in this finely crafted Italian tortoise shell frame, with hues ranging from orange, yellow and all the way to black. The mosaic of colors blend together with perfection and great translucence, a perfect color complement for the brown Persol mineral glass lenses. Tell Me More

VS2728: Vintage Persol 803 sunglasses feature a fantasic tortoise shell frame with alternating light and dark shadings reminiscent of a leopard, a style and quality it seems only the Italians can get right. The Persol 803 is a nice mix of curves and angles, a classic style that's equally at home at formal or casual occasions. These Persol Ratti 803 sunglasses were produced in Persol's Ratti manufactury reserved for their highest quality production and feature the Meflecto system. Tell Me More

VS2729: Vintage Revo 3007 085 sunglasses feature tortoise shell ear stems, gold plated hinges and front frame, and Revo H20 polarized lenses in an early sports wrap style of sunglasses. The combination of tortoise shell ear stems and the gold plated front frame make for a great look suitable for both formal and casual occasions, but of course you also get Revo's top of the line optics to go with the elegant and stylish frame. Tell Me More

VS2730: Vintage Revo 1124 001 Executive sunglasses feature an intricately etched matte black frame, one of the coolest frame styles Revo ever produced, and it's a subtle wrap design with perfectly shaped lenses designed to contour closely to a wide variety of face sizes and shapes. You'll love the precise horizontal etching of the gunmetal ear stems, and it adds a lot of design flair from the sides. Tell Me More

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