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VS1011: Vintage Revo 1012 001 Sleek sunglasses feature highly reflective Revo stealth mirror lenses that will pick up plenty of hues of red, blue, and purple out in the sunlight coupled with a high performance matte black frame. The matte black frame looks great with the silver - blue stealth mirror lenses, and this is a size and shape that's equally popular with both men and women. Tell Me More

VS1012: Vintage Revo 3050 080 sunglasses feature Revo stealth mirror H20 polarized lenses in a sleek chrome wrap Italian frame, designed as one of Revo's top of the line sports frames not to mention exuding high style. Revo 3050 sunglasses feature a black and chrome frame that has a subtle wrap design to contour more closely to your face, and it looks terrific with highly reflective Revo stealth mirror H20 polarized lenses that pick up hues of pink, red, and purple out in the sunlight. Tell Me More

VS1013: Vintage Ray-Ban W1749 Cheyenne sunglasses are among the most distinctive, hard to find, and highly sought after styles of vintage B&L Ray-Ban sunglasses, with small round G-15 lenses complemented by a gleaming yellow tortoise shell front frame and ear stems. Vintage Ray-Ban Cheyenne sunglasses are uniquely shaped in John Lennon style, with small round Bausch & Lomb lenses and a subtly arched nose bridge that connects the lenses at the midpoint. Tell Me More

VS1014: Vintage Ray-Ban CATS 4000 sunglasses feature a durable nylon frame suitable for rugged outdoor activities and Bausch & Lomb G-15 anti-glare lenses, a stylish and high performance frame and lens combination. The brown nylon frame shades from dark to light to give plenty of additional design flair, and this is a rugged high performance frame that's nicely complemented by the Bausch & Lomb G-15 lenses. Tell Me More

VS1015: Vintage Oakley E-Wire Titanium sunglasses feature the top of the line Oakley Titanium frame and Chrome Iridium lenses, one of the sleekest looks you'll find in any style of vintage Oakley sunglasses. The Chrome Iridium lenses are highly reflective silver mirror lenses, high performance optics to go along with the space age Oakley Titanium frame. Tell Me More

VS1016: Vintage BG Liz sunglasses feature a pearl white French cat eye frame with elaborate curved and rounded temples, with a light green tinted clear inner frame in a sandwich design that adds a lot of additional design flair. This is an elegant midcentury design that's perfect for both formal and casual occasions, and the pearlized frame will go with any color outfit and complement many different skin tones. Tell Me More

VS1017: Vintage Fay French cat eye sunglasses feature a beautiful bronze color frame decorated with extensive rhinestones and gold metal insets on each temple, one of the classic looks in midcentury women's sunglasses. The combination of rhinestones and gold insets look great together, especially when set against the gloss bronzed frame that really shimmers out in the sunlight. The design of the rhinestone and gold insets accentates the flared temples of this design. Tell Me More

VS1018: Vintage French cat eye sunglasses are a design explosion of rhinestones, enamel, and metal inserts on a gloss black frame with angular arched top and temples c 1950s. It's a really eye catching style that embodies fine French midcentury sunglasses, and the green lenses look great set against the black frame with rhinestone highlights. Tell Me More

VS1019: Vintage French tortoise shell cat eye sunglasses feature the rare low profile design, one of the slimmest of all styles from the era of 1950s and early 1960s cat eye sunglasses. The French tortoise shell has a lot of translucence that lets light pass through, and it has a clear inner sandwich design for some additional design flair. Tell Me More

VS1020: Vintage Oculens French cat eye sunglasses feature elaborate and stunning rhinestone and pearl decorations on each temple gracing a translucent tortoise shell frame with inner clear sandwich design. The temples contract to an angle and curve around the ear stems for a classic 1950s - early 1960s sunglasses look, but the star of the show are the colorful rhinestones and the three large pearls inset onto each temple. Tell Me More

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