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VS561: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban Classic Metals 62mm black bullet hole sunglasses are a low production variation of the bullet hole shooters with traditional paddle ear stems and RB-3 constant density lenses. These Bausch & Lomb RB-3 lenses feature "absorption balanced with the eye's sensitivity to colors for peak acuity, 71% visible light absorption and 100% ultraviolet protection". Tell Me More

VS562: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban black Wings sunglasses have a different look from the more common gold plated Wings, and we think the black frame makes a perfect complement to the Bausch & Lomb Wings amber - brown one piece lenses. The frame measures approximately 5.5" temple to temple as do the lenses, and the left side lens area is laser etched Wings Bausch & Lomb. Tell Me More

VS563: Vintage Ray-Ban Sharpshooter Bullet Hole sunglasses are a low production variation of bullet hole shooters that feature a black chrome frame and the metal extensions to the center bullet hole that signifies the unique and distinctive design of the Ray-Ban Sharpshooter. The center "bullet hole" design coupled with the "General" brow bar were originally designed by Bausch & Lomb to provide a more comfortable and balanced fit on the face - but they also makes the sunglasses look very cool! Tell Me More

VS564: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban W0921 sunglasses are one of the most popular styles among all vintage Ray-Bans, with a more rounded lens shape and Tortuga tortoise shell General brow bar and ear pads. The mostly round lenses are one design feature, but more notable is the use of only a single nose bridge coupled with the Tortuga brow bar versus the double nose bridge of aviator styles. Tell Me More

VS565: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban W0702 Tortuga sunglasses feature a Tortuga tortoise shell and gold frame coupled with Bausch & Lomb B-15 high contrast brown lenses to complete the look. These have the classic elegance of vintage Giorgio Armani Italian sunglasses but with a little nuanced B&L Ray-Ban design flair and those great B&L optics. Tell Me More

VS566: Vintage Ray-Ban W2567 Orbs Predator New Deco Metal Oval sunglasses feature a high performance wrap sunglasses design that quickly became one of the favorites of well known sports stars in the early 1990s. The Ray-Ban Orbs Predator design subtly contours closer to the face than had sunglasses of the past, helping to eliminate wind and glare coming in from the sides and adopted by many major league baseball players during this era. Tell Me More

VS567: Vintage B&L Ray-Ban W1830 sunglasses have the harder to find RB-3 lenses that tint to a lighter green set in a Arista white gold frame that works perfectly with the RB-3 lenses.The vintage Bausch & Lomb RB-3 lens was designed for "absorption balanced with the eye's sensitivity to color for peak acuity - 71% visible light absorption; 100% ultraviolet protection." Tell Me More

VS568: Vintage Ray-Ban Classic Metals 62mm Tortuga aviator sunglasses were produced in much smaller quantities than gold plated or black chrome aviators, but we think you'll agree this was one of the finest styles of all. The Tortuga frame adds tortoise shell accents to the traditional gold plated B&L Ray-Ban frame for plenty of extra design flair, a low production variation of the iconic Ray-Ban aviator. Tell Me More

VS569: Vintage Ray-Ban W0699 Tortuga Explorer sunglasses with Changeables photochromatic lenses incorporate some of the most desired vintage B&L Ray-Ban design features all into one package. The Explorer frame is somewhat more elongated and stylish than vintage Caravans, and the Tortuga variation wherein golden tortoise shell coloration is applied to the Arista metal frame is quite rare to find and the perfect complement for Bausch & Lomb Changeables lenses. Tell Me More

VS570: Vintage Serengeti 5569 Signia sunglasses were one of the earliest Serengeti sunglasses styles to use a matte composite frame, and the 5569 Signia was produced when most Serengeti sunglasses were still made in Italy and the lenses made by Corning Optics. The matte black composite frame is lightweight to make them comfortable to wear yet very durable. Tell Me More

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